By Courtney Nguyen
January 03, 2013

Andy Murray Can Andy Murray juggle tennis and TV? We're about to find out. (Jacques Demarthon/Getty Images)

How does Andy Murray stack up against the best athletes in Britain? We could find out soon.

The Daily Mail reports Murray has agreed to appear on the BBC's new version of Superstars, a show made famous in the 1970s wherein top athletes from different sports came together to compete against one another in a number of different disciplines in the pool, on the track and on the courts. Think the Olympics, but all jumbled up. Or Battle of the Network Stars but with actual jocks. Or Road Rules but ... no. Let's hope it's nothing like Road Rules.

The BBC is reportedly trying to get David Beckham to sign on, which would pretty much guarantee a ratings bonanza. The Beeb rebooted the show in December, featuring Britain's most famous Olympians competing against one another in a two-day competition at Bath University.

Here's a clip of the December Olympic special, which was won by boxer Anthony Joshua. Let's face it, the whole point of the special was just to get video footage of Mo Farah on a mountain bike.


According to this YouTube clip, tennis was the first event of the first show in 1973. Competitors were not allowed to compete in their own disciplines. Rod Laver was one of the competitors that year, and offered his own commentary of the event with Jim McKay. I may be a bit biased, but let's bring back tennis as an event. Who wouldn't love to see Beckham on a tennis court?


Here's Laver winning the swimming heat that year. Also, poor Joe Frazier almost drowned, admitting only afterward that he didn't know how to swim.

Laver eventually finished third overall, behind pole vaulter Bob Seagren and skiier Jean-Claude Killy.


And here's the famous (maybe only in Britain?) clip of British footballer Kevin Keegan falling off his bike in 1976. That's some road rash. And very short shorts.


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