By Courtney Nguyen
April 04, 2013

Tomas Berdych Tomas Berdych has yet to break into the Big Four, but he's elite on Instagram. (Marwan Naamani/AFP/Getty Images)

If you think Facebook and Twitter are full of boring selfies, filtered pictures of food and sunset after sunset, Instagram is even worse. It takes a lot to master the photo-based social networking medium. There aren't a whole lot of tennis players who do it well. Even fewer use it consistently. Serena Williams used to be the account to follow, but she hasn't posted a picture in almost a year.

With that in mind, here are 10 accounts that will keep you entertained and informed.

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(Editor's note: A Novak Djokovic account originally made this list, but it isn't verified as Djokovic's official account).

1. Tomas Berdych

Handle: tomasberdych

Why you should follow: The Czech has quietly become one of the best players on social media, period. He's fantastic on Facebook and his personality on Instagram really comes out in the comments he posts to otherwise innocuous pictures of watches, shoes, and trophies. I don't know if his hashtags are "clever," but they are definitely amusing. #amusing #hashtags #restating #sentence

2. WTA

Handle: WTA

Why you should follow: If you've ever wanted to feel like an ever-present WTA stalker, here's your chance.

3. ATP World Tour

Handle: ATPWorldTour

Why you should follow: A bit less active than the WTA account, the ATP Instagrammers still have access to photoshoots and moments that most of us never get invited to.

4. Wimbledon

Handle: OfficialWimbledon

Why you should follow: Who doesn't want gorgeous pictures from the All England Tennis Club all year round?

5. Bob Bryan

Handle: BryanBros

Why you should follow: Bob is a social media maven at this point with Twitter accounts for both himself and 1-year-old daughter Micaela, but he's still able to keep his Instagram account full of fresh pictures from tour and family life.

6. Madison Keys

Handle: madisonkeys

Why you should follow: Get in on the ground floor as Keys begins her career on the WTA Tour. The seemingly endless supply of #ThrowbackThursdsay baby pictures are awww-worthy.

7. Laura Robson

Handle: laurarobson5

Why you should follow: The new British No. 1 says she prefers Instagram over Twitter. Her strategy is to mix glamour shots with busted toenail pics, with every Starbucks cup that misspells her very complicated name. It works.

8. Fabio Fognini

Handle: fabiofogna

Why you should follow: Fabio is just living his life as Fabio. Thankfully he's willing to take us along for the ride.

9. Svetlana Kuznetsova

Handle: svetlanaK27

Why you should follow: I'll be honest, I don't really understand most of the pictures Kuznetsova tweets, especially when she's home in Russia. But her dog is awesome.

10. Vicky Duval

Handle: vduvaal

Why you should follow: The bubbly American, 17, hasn't made too many waves on the WTA Tour yet, but her personality shines through in her creative mass tagging of pictures. The comment for the above photo reads "#chillin #instamood #photooftheday#smile #style #happy #love #glasses#instadaily #spongebob

#random#hashtag #instagood". #kidsthesedays

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