By Courtney Nguyen
April 05, 2013

New Zealand was awarded its Davis Cup Asia/Oceania Group II tie against Pakistan after a hole "an inch deep and half a foot wide" developed on the grass court surface, rendering the court unplayable. Though it was Pakistan's turn to host the event, the tie was played at a neutral site in Myanmar due to security concerns. Under ITF rules, it is the host nation's responsibility -- even when the tie is played on neutral ground -- to provide a playable match court. Since Pakistan was unable to so, it was defaulted.

According to Reuters, the venue hosting the tie, the Pun Hlaing Golf and Country Club, had only two grass courts, and the teams had been practicing on them all week.

"It's a brave ask for two grass courts to support that all week," Hunt said. "The court was definitely not up to scratch from day one." "From Myanmar's point of view they did everything they could and have treated us very well... but I don't think they really understood what was expected of a court for a Davis Cup match and it was a pretty tough ask for them to come up with it at short notice."

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