By Courtney Nguyen
April 08, 2013

Novak Djokovic defeated Sam Querrey 7-5, 6-7 (4), 6-1, 6-0 on Sunday to give Serbia a 3-1 victory over the United States in the Davis Cup quarterfinals, but the triumph may have come at a costly price.

The No. 1 suffered an injury scare after he twisted his right ankle early in the match and fell to the ground in anguish. Djokovic continued with the help of some anti-inflammatories, secured the decisive, emotionally charged win and then broke down in tears after the match during an interview with Serbian press.

Serbia advanced to the semifinals, where it will play Canada at home. But the more pressing concern is the status of Djokovic's ankle as he begins his quest to capture his first French Open title in May. Djokovic told the crowd that if it weren't for the occasion of Davis Cup, he may not have finished the match.

"I sincerely hope that I didn't make it worse and I'm going to have a few days off," Djokovic told the crowd after the match. "I was able to play some good shots at the right time.

"If I wasn't playing for Serbia, if I didn't have my teammates' support, I don't know if I would've played. The first half hour it was very painful."


"I am very emotional about the win today," Djokovic said. "It meant a lot to me personally. It meant a lot to the whole team."

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