By Courtney Nguyen
April 10, 2013

Caroline Wozniaki donned the traditional white boiler suit and green hat Wednesday to caddie for main squeeze Rory McIlroy in the traditional Masters par-3 contest, which takes place the day before play begins at Augusta National. When she was given the chance to take a swing off the tee, well, let's just say she would have been better off hitting one of her famous moonballs. The form didn't look half bad until she chunked it into the water.

"Well, it had spin on it. We can say that." Gotta love the commentary.

"The divot nearly went farther than the ball," McIlroy joked. "They get second serves in her sport."

The Masters - Preview Day 3

When Tom Rinaldi asked Wozniacki how the idea came about, the former No. 1 actually seemed a bit flustered. "Well ... I don't know. I just had a good deal with Rory. I get a really good paycheck out of this. I even gave him a special prize price, you know?"

"She did great," McIlroy said. "It was just great to have her right there. It was a nice way to spend a Wednesday afternoon. You know, it's her first time here at Augusta, and I just wanted to show her a good time and I think she really enjoyed it."


It looks like a pretty low-stress job, particularly considering no man who has won the par-3 event has gone on to wear the Green Jacket that year.

The Masters - Preview Day 3

So it's cool, Woz. You can sabotage Rory. In fact, you should. A putter from 90 yards? Go for it.


The Masters - Preview Day 3

And thus we end yet another McWozilroy post with an "awwww."

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