By Courtney Nguyen
April 12, 2013

Masters Golf David Goldman/AP

She's donned the boiler suit to caddy for Rory McIlroy in the par-3 contest and dunked a tee shot into the water, but after all the fun and games at Augusta National Caroline Wozniacki is back in WAG-mode as she supports her main squeeze from the gallery beside his father, Gerry.

The Masters - Round Two David Cannon/Getty Images

Last week at the Family Circle Cup, I asked Wozniacki what it's like to watch McIlroy from the gallery.

"A golf spectator is probably more like going out for a picnic," she said. "You walk around and it's nice and it's chilled. But there you are not allowed to take pictures. You are not allowed to really have your phone on you.

"So I guess that's even more strict than tennis is, but at the same time I like the atmosphere. I like to just have a walk around and feel like you are actually active doing something and not sitting down all the time."

Masters Golf Darron Cummings/AP

Wozniacki said it's much easier on her nerves to watch in person than from afar.

"When I'm walking out there, I'm OK," she said. "I'm not as nervous. But obviously if it gets tight, when he is in contention and he has a possibility to win, obviously I do get nervous because I have absolutely no control or power over it.

"But I think it's worse to watch on TV because you are just sitting there and you have no clue. At least when you're walking there you can see how he is feeling, if he is feeling confident, if he is feeling good about it. You kind of have a little bit of an idea. But if you just sit at home, it's like, 'OK, come on, just make the putt.'"

Masters Golf David Goldman/AP

It may just be a walk in the park, but the Wozilroy game face has been on through the first two days of play. It's business time.

Masters Golf David Goldman/AP

Well, not all business.

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