By Courtney Nguyen
May 11, 2013

Maria Sharapova Maria Sharapova beat Ana Ivanovic to set up a final with Serena Williams. (Andres Kudacki/AP)

The "it was bound to happen" department of WTA affairs has been very busy this week. With a few grainy photos hitting the tabloids this week confirming Maria Sharapova's relationship with ATP pro Grigor Dimitrov, a Bulgarian journalist showed up to Sharapova's press conference after her semifinal win over Ana Ivanovic at the Madrid Open.

Hmmm ... I wonder what he wanted to ask her about.

Sharapova-Williams Madrid Open final preview

Q.  Good luck tomorrow.  I'm from a Bulgaria, I would like to speak with you about something more private.  Congratulations for your relationship with Grigor Dimitrov.  Really, they catch you with pictures.

MARIA SHARAPOVA:  We're official. (Smiling.)

Q.  If you would like to speak with us about this, do you help each other with advices?  How is your relationship?  And have we got the chance to see you as a couple on the court on the next tournament in Grand Slam?  Would be most beautiful and most successful couple.  Just joy for everyone.

SHARAPOVA:  Unfortunately my answer is going to be a lot shorter than your question. (Laughter.) I think everyone knows that I don't really discuss my personal life.  We've been seeing each other for a while.  You know, it's just news to us that someone took a picture of us now after this time.

Q.  They published the pictures yesterday.

SHARAPOVA:  Yeah, I know.  Oh, I know, don't you worry.  I know what's going on. Yeah, so I don't really discuss it.  It's nice to have something in life that you're able to have for yourself and on your own, because so much of your lives are in the public eye. So this is just a part of your personal life away from the court.  It's just something that I ‑‑ both of us just want to cherish on our own.

Q.  Will you play together as a couple?

SHARAPOVA:  Last time I played mixed doubles was about like I would say ten years ago.  Didn't go too well.  Decided that's just not my thing.

Sharapova's response to photos of her with Dimitrov

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