By Courtney Nguyen
May 13, 2013

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• Video: Adios, Madrid. Thanks for the memories.

• The Sixth Set recaps the best (worst?) player/umpire arguments at the Madrid Open.

• Travel tips from Rafael Nadal.

If the plane moves, some turbulence, I am nervous flyer. My hands start to sweat and I know to relax (I have) to listen to music, to try to watch some films.

• This is great: Tennis players as celebrities. The Jennifer Lawrence/Li Na analogy is dead-on.

• Comparing the 2012 Madrid results on blue clay with the 2013 results on red clay.

• PseudoFed would like you to know that he is not in decline: "I am never in decline apart from when I go skiing."

So what if I haven’t reached a tennis final this year. The year has not finished yet, it ends in December like it did last year. Prince William also has not reached a final. In fact, he was not even in the challenger tournaments, yet one day he will be King, so he definitely is not in decline either.

• One reason why the U.S. men struggle on clay.

• Sony Open director Adam Barrett says there could still be snags in the tournament's plan to redevelop Crandon Park.

In interviews with Business Monday, Barrett emphasized that a lawsuit and the local regulatory process still could undo a privately-funded plan he said is crucial to keeping the tournament in the Miami area. Without more revenue that comes with an expanded facility, Barrett says Sony can’t keep pace the rival tournaments, including the prize money offered players. That prize money lures the stars that, in turn, drive dollars from fans and sponsors.
• Non-tennis: David Foster Wallace's famous commencement speech at Kenyon College in 2005, visualized.

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