By Staff
July 09, 2013

Andy Murray Two-time Grand Slam winner Andy Murray says he doubts he could win at least 10 majors. (Glynn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images)

Andy Murray responded to fans' Twitter questions on Monday, one day after winning Wimbledon for his second Grand Slam title.

Murray answered queries on whether he'd reach double figures in Slam titles ("No I don't think so!"), the one player from past generations he would have wanted to play (his coach, Ivan Lendl) and whether he slept with the trophy on Sunday ("I did not. Maybe the trophy will get luck tonight!").

The 26-year-old, who has nearly two million Twitter followers, was also asked to describe the feeling of winning Wimbledon in one word.

"That's a good question. Relief!" he responded.

After the jump, check out all of Murray's answers.

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