By Staff
September 12, 2013

Li Na poses with her wax figure. (Reuters) Li Na poses with her wax figure. (Reuters)

Li Na helped unveil her new wax figure at Madame Tussauds in her hometown of Wuhan, China, on Thursday.

I'm not sure the facial likeness is there, but the addition of her trademark SpiderTech kinesio tape was right on the money. While that detail wasn't overlooked, one other sponsor-related one was. Aside from the lack of sponsors on her sleeve (Mercedes-Benz and Taikang Life Insurance won't be too happy about that), can you spot the error?

Here, the Babolat folks will give you a hint:

After the jump, check out some other instances of tennis players getting waxed. It doesn't always end well. (Click here for more photos of athletes in wax.)

Novak Djokovic (Sasa Djordjevic/AFP/Getty Images) Novak Djokovic (Sasa Djordjevic/AFP/Getty Images)

Rafael Nadal Rafael Nadal (Sean Dempsey/PA)

Serena Williams Serena Williams (Mike Coppola/FilmMagic)

John McEnroe John McEnroe ( Rob Taggart/Central Press/Getty Images)

Andy Murray Andy Murray (Warren Little/Getty Images)

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