By Courtney Nguyen
October 04, 2013

First Roger Federer, then Serena Williams and now Justin Timberlake. Needless to say, the folks at Fox Sports 1 are putting Andy Roddick to good use.

Roddick sat down with Timberlake to talk about the pop star's deeply ingrained love of sports, but before he let him go, Roddick showed JT a video of his dance moves and asked for his honest critique.

"Don't let anyone see this, bro," Timberlake said. "I think this is the highlight of my day."

After soaking in the glory of Roddick's smooth moves, Timberlake laid down his final verdict.

"I'm gonna shoot straight, man," Timberlake said. "You are ... a great tennis player."

Here's the full video of Roddick dancing all over Las Vegas. It should be the highlight of everyone's day. For some reason this video has been titled "Andy Roddick Footlose in Vegas." Footlose? More like FootWIN.

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