By Courtney Nguyen
October 09, 2013

Maria-Sharapova-2 Maria Sharapova hasn't been playing much tennis as of late, but she's remained plenty busy. (Craig Barritt/Getty Images)

On the heels of Roger Federer's successful and hilarious Twitter Q&A on Tuesday, Maria Sharapova popped on to Twitter to hold her own #AskMS session. Sharapova may have shut down her tennis season, but as her Twitter feed shows, her life goes on.

She was in London over the weekend and now she's in Spain. Seemingly bored, Sharapova spent over an hour fielding questions from her fans.

Here's what we learned from Sharapova's impromptu tweet session:

1. She's complicated.

2. She's trouble.

3. She hates soccer.

4. She hasn't given up on Colin Farrell, even if most of Hollywood has.

5. She won't be dating a dentist anytime soon.

6. She notices the ball boys.

7. She enjoys the simple things in life.

8. She is clairvoyant.

9. She's a great motivator.

10. She's flirted with being a brunette.

11. She should have given her dog a more gender-revealing name.

12. She'll be back on court in a couple of weeks.

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