By Courtney Nguyen
October 18, 2013

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• Video: This commercial features Roger Federer as James Bond. And he likes his martini with zero vodka and 100 percent more latte machiatto.

• An insightful piece from Peter Bodo on Federer's split with coach Paul Annacone, with some interesting thoughts from Annacone:

“There’s an evolutionary aspect about anyone’s career, and the thing is we all refer to the benchmarks that were set. So the initial reaction to how things have been going this year may be to ask, ‘What’s wrong with Roger?’ But look -- he won Wimbledon in 2012, he won the year-end championships twice and a bunch of Masters 1000 events. So what’s really wrong is that initial reaction. Roger Federer actually is doing great.”

That, in fact, may be the main reason Annacone has become redundant. Federer put on big-boy pants a long time ago; he doesn’t need to be coddled, he doesn’t need anyone holding his hand or carrying his racquet bag. If there’s a major takeaway in this turn of affairs, it’s that Federer knows things aren’t hunky-dory, but he still enjoys what he’s doing and is committed to working through his problems.

“It would be arrogant of me to think this is somehow about me, or what I can or can’t do,” Annacone said. “Roger has hit a bumpy patch. Now it’s up to him to decide how to deal with adversity, and what he can do to get over that hump.”

• Rafael Nadal withdraws from the Swiss Indoors next week. I guess his body isn't completely invincible.

• Video: John Isner talks about his tennis and what it's like being in his 20s.

• The ITF will not sanction Tunisia's Malek Jaziri for withdrawing from a scheduled match against Amir Weintraub of Israel. Jaziri received intense pressure from his federation to pull out of the match for political reasons.

• A French court has allowed the FFT's planned (and much needed) renovations to Roland Garros to move forward, which include a roof.

• Interesting thoughts from Ivan Ljubicic on comparing eras. The former No. 4 who is now Milos Raonic's coach says there's more commitment these days.

"You can’t take off any point. When you played Sampras, you felt that in return games he played one or two sets, and on clay he was nowhere near his best. People actually wanted to play against him on clay. Every one of them would have parts of the season where they would lose matches and that made them vulnerable. But then again, Sampras finished No. 1 for six seasons? He had his goals and he reached them. The thing with Federer, Nadal and Djokovic is that their goal is to win every single match and that wasn’t the case with the older generation.”

• Sad news: Rene Simpson, 47, former player and Canadian Fed Cup Captain, has passed away from brain cancer.


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