By Courtney Nguyen
November 07, 2013

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• Video: Ryan Sweeting popped up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a surprise "wedding" to Kaley Cuoco.

• The Spanish press is reporting that Rafael Nadal cut his finger while slicing bread Thursday morning. You know, there's a reason why "the greatest thing since sliced bread" is a saying. The cut should not affect him against Tomas Berdych on Thursday night, but someone please buy this man a loaf of pre-sliced bread.

• Tennis Space has the transcription of Viktor Troicki's interview with CNN World Sport. He believes he's been "treated like a criminal":

I’ll be starting from zero because I will lose all my (ranking) points. I’ll be starting from zero -- and that is the toughest part of it. If you’re a footballer and are good and coming back, top teams will take you -- but I have to start from zero, in the smaller tournaments, which is crazy for me to think about right now. It’s definitely the worst time for me. A lot of errors have been done and the court agrees on those errors. But 12 months is the smallest time I could get by the rules.

• Sure, the top eight men are battling it out for on-court supremacy in London, but what about in the digital space? The Changeover breaks down the ATP World Twitter Finals.

• Ben Rothenberg of The New York Times discusses how Swedish tennis, once a powerhouse, is now slipping into irrelevance.

“Tennis was expensive, and I think Sweden was a pretty rich country,” [former world No. 9 Joachim] Johansson said. “And many people were able to play, compared to other countries. And now, I think, it’s changed. More players around the world are playing.”

One oft-cited reason for the lack of emerging talents is a lack of court space. Tennis remains a popular social sport among those old enough to remember Sweden’s glory days, leading to a shortage of court space in a climate that often necessitates indoor play.

“We have to play indoors for eight months of the year, and we simply don’t have enough courts,” Soderling said. “It’s really tough to get a court, like for kids, especially in the bigger cities. Here in Stockholm it’s almost impossible to get a court if you don’t play really early in the morning or really late in the evening.”

• PseudoFed's thoughts on Stan Wawrinka.

• How far has the WTA really come? Women Who Serve points out a few things in an open letter to the WTA.

Michael Stipe sing Pale Blue Eyes .

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