By Courtney Nguyen
November 18, 2013

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• Video: A fun set of highlights from a World Team Tennis exhibition event featuring Andy Roddick, Venus Williams, Elton John and more.

• Radek Stepanek was surprised to see Novak Djokovic on the bench during the all-important doubles rubber in the Davis Cup final. "Like leaving a Ferrari in a garage," he said. That would explain this quickly deleted tweet from Tomas Berdych during the team dinner, which Djokovic reportedly did not attend.

• A good read from Simon Briggs at The Telegraph: Should Djokovic be fined for his anti-doping comments?

In football or cricket, dissent is an offence, even if it happens in the heat of battle. Steve Bruce and Jose Mourinho are among the managers fined by the Football Association in the past month alone.

Yet at last week’s end-of-season showcase at the O2 Arena, Djokovic came into the interview room with what was effectively a prepared statement, and did all he could to undermine the credibility of Dr Elena Gorodilova, a woman who has spent 15 years in her post. If tennis had a hint of gumption, he would have faced disciplinary action.


When it comes to power, tennis has always been a mess. Apparent conflicts of interest are routine. Take the number of leading commentators who also have commitments on national boards or with super-agencies such as IMG.

Why doesn’t anyone object? Because they are all part of the “tennis family”, a phrase you hear constantly. And most families, as we know from experience, are beset by little alliances and tensions that keep everyone stuck in one place.

• Speaking of Djokovic, he has no plans to sit down with the head of WADA anytime soon.

• According to the ATP's statistics, only two top-10 players went the entire season without getting a time violation: Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka. What's that thing about Swiss clocks?

This year through the Shanghai tournament last month, umpires had called 659 time violations against servers, 49 of them costing the server a first serve; and 47 violations against returners, costing three points, according to the ATP. For all of last year, umpires called just 59 time violations, and assessed zero point penalties.

“I believe if it happened, the players were the ones who wanted it,” said No. 23 Grigor Dimitrov of the crackdown, in a recent conference call. “I don’t mind. I feel quite comfortable with it. Everything seems to work quite fine.”

“In the beginning, we had to be very, very strict, to send a message to players,” Graff said. “But then as time goes on, maybe you don’t enforce it as tough as in the beginning. Maybe you use more judgment.”

• Bernard Tomic says the next generation of stars just has to wait it out until the generation of Federers hangs up its rackets.

"Generations will move on, for sure in two or three years there will be no Federers," Tomic said.

"They will slowly start moving and four-five years from now it will be a totally different group of players in the top 10, that's for sure.

"It gives a chance for players like [Milos] Raonic and [Grigor] Dimitrov and myself to get into that spot, and take over and dominate."

• Former British No. 1 Elena "Bally" Baltacha has announced her retirement.

• Riccardo Piatti says he split with Richard Gasquet because he wanted to spend more time with family. We've heard that one before. (link in French)

• One of Thomas Hogstedt's new jobs? Rory McIlroy watcher.

• An ATP Q&A with Raonic.


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