By bettemarston
November 29, 2013

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• Video: The WTA has listed their finalists for the shot of the year. Check out our list here.

• This infographic allows you to explore Rafael Nadal's 600+ games since his comeback on Feb. 5, 2013.

• has a Q&A with Feliciano Lopez (in Spanish), in which he rants about Twitter.

I use Instagram, for example, and the people are very affectionate, grateful and like it when I share things with them, but Twitter is really a problem. There are things that should be changed. A person should not be able to create an account and get to insult anyone he or she seems fit. That should be punished, it should be a law to regulate it. Someone should not be able to create a profile on Twitter, Facebook or any social network and insult people left and right and have nothing happen.

• Ever wonder what kind of training goes into being a Wimbledon ball boy? Here's a six-second glimpse into that world.

Maria Sharapova: An entrepreneur, who also happens to be a celebrity.

• USA TODAY's Douglas Robson writes about his experience using PlaySight's SmartCourt, a new tennis technology that uses high-def cameras to capture player and ball movement.

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