By bettemarston
December 04, 2013

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• Video: The WTA puts together a collection of Agnieszka Radwanska's best shots of 2013. This is a banner year for her highlight reel.

• Rafael Nadal will play the Copa Claro in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in February. He is also confirmed for the Rio Open in Brazil the following week. (Link in Spanish)

• Steve Tignor and Kamakshi Tandon review Grace Lichtenstein's book A Long Way Baby and compare the WTA of 40 years ago to the what it is today.

I was struck by how much importance Lichtenstein attached to women's tennis at that time -- it was, in her's and [Billie Jean King's] minds, nothing less than the feminist movement made physical, made visual. I wonder if any professional tour in any sport has ever begun with so much political hope and baggage attached? For a progressive person like Lichtenstein, it was far more than a game, or a business, or a show. The [Virginia Slims Circuit] was proof that women could operate and succeed independently. Throughout the book, there's a sense that she's still a little stunned to see the whole enterprise happening, to see her fellow women doing what, until then, men had only done: negotiating endorsements, working out with a trainer, hanging out in a locker room together. All of these things, of course, are completely normal to us now -- a long way, for sure.

• The New York Times' obituary for Peter Graf.

• Checking in on Flavia Pennetta's love life.

• Roger Federer lands on New York Magazine's list of 40 men who men find attractive.

• Video: Relying on classically offensive racial stereotypes, a comedian impersonates Federer in China.

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