By Courtney Nguyen
December 12, 2013

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• Video: Rafael Nadal wears a beanie (Nike, of course) and talks not about tennis, but about golf.

• An unnamed Spanish player is reportedly being investigated by the Tennis Integrity Unit for match-fixing.

• DW on Sport has a thorough discussion of match-fixing in tennis and why it tends to infect the lower levels of professional tennis.

For a player at this level, the opportunity is there. If you happened to draw a highly seeded player in the first round that you expected to lose to, you would expect to take home a check for $117.50 or just over £71. Alternatively, you could arrange for someone to place bets to win £500 [$816.30] at each of the eight bookmakers that are covering the match to give you a £4,000 [$6530.40] profit for the match. Given that you were expected to lose the match, it would not appear suspicious. Handled effectively, the bets would likely be small enough that they would not be flagged up by any one of the bookmakers.

• Peter Bodo examines John McEnroe's surprising comments last week about eliminating doubles.

• Challenger Tennis has been highlighting its players to watch for 2014. A great resource.

• More people tweeted about Andy Murray's Wimbledon win than the birth of the Royal Baby. This was the case on Facebook, as well.

• Murray was also the second-most-retweeted athlete in 2013, behind only Johnny Manziel.

• An update from Zoo Tennis on the Orange Bowl, where a few young Americans are putting together good runs.

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