By Courtney Nguyen
December 19, 2013

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• Video: This is 4 years old, but I had never seen it before. Watching the ATP players talk about luxury cars is pretty amusing.

• Stefan Edberg is open to working more with Roger Federer. Edberg said he was surprised and flattered by the chance to work with Federer for a week in Dubai.

• Bonnie Ford of weighs in on Billie Jean King's inclusion in the Olympic delegation.

King is probably the most visible gay figure in all of sport. Her presence will mean more than the president's absence. It is a symbolic body shot to the Russian legislation that subjects its gay citizens to humiliation and abuse.

As part of the official delegation, King has to be treated just like other dignitaries. She won't have to wear a rainbow pin or raise a fist or kiss another woman to make a statement. She will stand in the stadium as a champion, a businesswoman, a philanthropist and a mentor, someone whose life and potential weren't constrained because of her sexuality. She will stand as a whole person as opposed to a subhuman susceptible to "propaganda," in the language of the Russian law.

King's presence and the president's absence also represent something that, interestingly enough, the International Olympic Committee has explicitly asked athletes not to do.

Make no mistake. This is a protest. This is civilized disobedience. Perhaps other heads of state will follow suit.

• The ATP asked Juan Martin del Potro to pick his favorite photos from 2013. He obliged.

• The Tennis Space mulls Novak Djokovic's hiring of Boris Becker.

It’s an odd choice. As a coach, Boris Becker has less experience than just about any former top player Novak could have picked. Perhaps Novak believes Becker, whose mental strength was a match for anyone in his time, could have the same kind of impact that Ivan Lendl, his old foe, has had on Andy Murray. But while Lendl was and is a strategist, Becker usually just overpowered his opponents with stunning serving. Novak’s tactical game is already strong and he’s mentally tough so it’s hard to see – at least at this stage, what Becker will specifically add.

• Rod Laver thinks Bernard Tomic needs to work harder. Don't we all.

• Tennis Australia is reportedly thinking about buying Mahesh Bhupathi's Asian tennis league.

• Nick Kyrgios, an 18-year-old Australian, could be in line for a wild card in Melbourne.

• The WTA announced a few changes to the point distribution system for 2014.

• Great job, Australian Open:


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