By Courtney Nguyen
January 01, 2014

(Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images Sport) Roger Federer doesn't anticipate following in the footsteps of Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg or Boris Becker by becoming a coach. (Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images Sport)

Roger Federer may be taking advantage of the wisdom of a former champion by adding Stefan Edberg to his coaching team, but he admits that he thinks coaching is not in his future.

"I don't think [Ivan] Lendl or [Stefan] Edberg or [Boris] Becker or all those guys, they didn't think of [coaching] either," Federer told reporters at the Brisbane International. "Me the same. I see myself more helping kids and all that stuff, which everybody sees themselves doing."

But Federer knows better than to say he would never take on a coaching role in the future, since he knows his experience would be tremendously helpful to pass on.

"Who knows what happens in five, ten, twenty years. My experience I have as a tennis player, that will never go away. That's why it'll probably always be interesting to some degree to work with someone who achieved being world No. 1 or winning Grand Slams and winning so many tournaments and going on winning streaks and facing the media and doing all these things.  I learned by doing, and that can always be interesting for someone. But I don't see myself as a coach, no."

Federer admitted he was surprised when he heard Novak Djokovic hired six-time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker as his new coach.

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