By bettemarston
March 21, 2014

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• Video: Marcos Baghdatis redefines "the lucky break".

• They don't pull punches down in Australia: Bernard Tomic gets blasted by Anthony Sharwood of NewsCorp Australia for losing the shortest match in the ATP's recorded history. Be sure to read the photo captions.

As his summer efforts on the Gold Coast proved, he is one of our best and most consistent performers on the gruelling lap dancing circuit.

He is also, we now know, a fine sprinter. This talented all-rounder revealed Usain Bolt-like speed today in racing through a tennis match that lasted a mere 28 minutes.

Tomic was returning from a month off with injury so there will be excuses. Just like there were last time and the time before that and (copy, paste) the time before that and (copy, paste) the time before that.

• Tomic's trainer took to Facebook to defend his charge.

• Everyone remembers when Roger Federer made a cancer patient's dream come true at Wimbledon last year. This time, it's Andy Murray's turn, who hit with a cancer patient in Miami yesterday.

• Murray is "gutted" over his split with coach Ivan Lendl, as Alix Ramsay writes:

"He was a big part of my life. And the next couple of days on the court were not particularly fun. I was gutted but I still think the guy is great. It’s not like anything has changed there.

“We both agreed it was a nice conversation over dinner. He is going to come and watch my matches here. I will be disappointed for a few weeks but you have to move on. Who knows, maybe it is the spark that I need.”

• The Heavy Topspin blog takes on tennis' ridiculous problem of not telling fans who is playing and when.

• Federer on fashion: Wearing a suit is like "wearing a track suit" for him now.

Lord have Mercer

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