By Courtney Nguyen
April 03, 2014

(Mic Smith/AP) Jelena Jankovic beat Lauren Davis in Charleston Wednesday night and takes on Ajla Tomljanovic Thursday. (Mic Smith/AP)

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Say this about Jelena Jankovic: she doesn't always give the most substantive or ground-breaking interviews, but when it comes to pure entertainment, she's second to none.

Now the top seed at the Family Circle Cup after Serena Williams' surprising opening-round exit, the 2007 champion and former No. 1 was in a punchy mood after her 6-0, 6-3 win over American Lauren Davis on Wednesday night. The discussion ranged from her surge back into the top 10 over the last year, her entertaining doubles partnership with Andrea Petkovic and her on-court grooming habits, and nearly every answer was punctuated by her own hearty laughter.

After walking into the press conference room proclaiming herself to be a superhero -- she had a blanket wrapped around like a cape -- the smiling Serb warned the press corp it was past her bedtime (it was 8:45 p.m., actually) and proceeded to entertain the media.

Some choice (albeit, random) excerpts:

Q:  I heard you say that you stopped wearing makeup on court.  Is that right?

JANKOVIC: Oh, can you see I have makeup? Of course not. All naturale. (Laughs) I gotta make you laugh a little bit. It's late at night. [...] I'm getting older, and I only put makeup when I go to the parties or go somewhere where I want to look nice. Here I want to look like a beast. I just want to look as scary as possible. I don't want to look pretty and all nice and dolled up. For what? Anyway I'm going to get dirty and sweaty. The only thing is that my hair has to be slick. (Laughs.)

Yesterday in the doubles I put lip gloss because my lips are cracked all over the place because I'm talking quite too much. (Laughs) so I don't know  I had no lip balm, and we got as gifts those little lollipops that were lip glosses, so I held up [the match], you know, they're waiting for me, [but] I still like put it on.

Q:  Since you've given up the makeup, you did tell us on the way in with your cape you're a superhero, what's your superhero power?

JANKOVIC: My superhero power? To talk too much. (Laughs). Or make you laugh after my match. I don't know. Maybe fly. If I could fly, you know, with those wings.

I don't know. What do you expect me to say at 9:00? It's like I told you, it's nice, I want to just go and have a rest and take a nap. I have to play tomorrow. I cannot entertain you guys all night. I know you want that but...

You can watch the whole press conference below. Things get a little off-track about half-way into it. It is worth your time.

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