By Courtney Nguyen
April 16, 2014

If a player receives a code violation for uttering an audible obscenity, doesn't the player have to, you know, say something obscene?

During his opening round win over Alexander Zverev at the Sarasota Challenger this week, Donald Young missed a backhand into the middle of the net and yelled "Son of a biscuit, man! Biscuit, man! Biscuit!" When the umpire gave him a warning, Young was confounded, and he had every right to be.

"Come on Keith, don’t give me crap for that, man," Young told the umpire. "I said 'son of a biscuit.' That’s a problem? That's a problem now?"

That's a good question, Donald. In a sport in which a crude knowledge of Spanish, French, and Serbian will quickly reveal some of the crassest, most obscene cursing you've heard outside of a Quentin Tarantino movie, hearing a player say "son of a biscuit" is the last of tennis' concerns.

I mean, what the frack? Are these players just supposed to play in complete silence? Gosh darn it all to heck.

Unseeded and Looming

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