By Courtney Nguyen
April 19, 2014

Maria Sharapova poses with her team in Stuttgart, Germany. Maria Sharapova poses with her team in Stuttgart, Germany. (Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

Maria Sharapova celebrated her 27th birthday the way most 27-year-olds do: by wearing traditional a German dress while sitting on a Porsche with a costumed team of men in lederhosen. Celebrities, they're just like us!

Has it really been 10 years since Sharapova won Wimbledon as a 17-year-old? She celebrated her big day in Stuttgart, Germany, where she is the two-time defending champion at the Porsche Grand Prix, which begins on Monday. Joined by her team, Sharapova decided to dress up in a traditional German dirndl for the kind of photo adventure you can only find in Germany, one that involves luxury cars, merry-go-rounds and enormous teddy bear mascots.

Any guesses for Sharapova's birthday wishes? A healthy shoulder? Not having to play Serena Williams at any more major tournaments? That all WTA tournaments be relocated to Stuttgart, where she has never lost a match?

More photos from Sharapova's German adventures below:


It's not your birthday until you're given a giant cookie.


The merry-go-round: amusement park ride or metaphor for the tennis season?


Ja wohl!


Not even Sharapova can get her agent, Max Eisenbud, to ignore his phone.


I'm just impressed they found a bear taller than she is.


Did I mention that the title sponsor of the Stuttgart tournament just happens to be one of Sharapova's sponsors? And that her new Sugarpova flavor is called "Speedy," and it features gummies shaped like a Porsche 911? All a coincidence, I'm sure.

(All photos by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

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