By bettemarston
May 08, 2014

In this installment of the Fashion Files, Courtney Nguyen and Erwin Ong, a freelance content producer for tennis, sports fashion and Los Angeles lifestyle, dissect Maria Sharapova's on-court style over the last decade. Below are the rest of her most memorable looks. Click here to see the first part of this post.

2002 Indian Wells


Before all the glitz, the glamour and the signature dresses, there was just a scrawny 14-year-old in a generic Nike kit. And a baseball cap. Let's not forget the baseball cap. -- Nguyen (Photo: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)

2004 Australian Open


Another generic Nike kit that left everyone scratching their heads. The tan lines alone should have put the kibosh on the idea for that top. -- Nguyen (Photo: Cynthia Lum/WireImage/Getty Images)

2005 U.S. Open


It was a nice dress and it wasn't trying to be anything other than that. Given the risks Nike was about to take, I appreciate it even more now. -- Nguyen (Photo: Chuck Solomon/SI)

2006 Australian Open


No empire-waisted dress has ever worked in tennis. It's never flattering on the players. -- Nguyen (Photo: David Callow/SI)

2006 French Open


She'll bring out chiffon and other fluffy material every so often, especially during the clay season. Perhaps it's a nod to ballerina tutus? -- Ong

Or maybe a subtle reminder to herself to be graceful on clay and not a cow on ice? -- Nguyen (Photo: Bob Martin/SI)

2007 Australian Open


She hasn't had many prints or graphics since donning this corset dress at the Australian Open. -- Ong (Photo: David Callow/SI)

2008 Australian Open


We're a sucker for pleats, so this dress, which took her all the way to the title, was one of our favorites. -- Ong (David Callow/SI)

2012 French Open


This dress grew on me over the course of her championship run. In the end, I thought it was perfect that she won the French Open wearing military colors. You know, terre battue and all that. -- Nguyen (Photo: Simon Bruty/SI)

Please click here to see the first part of this post.

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