By Courtney Nguyen
May 16, 2014

ROME -- Andy Murray may have lost his quarterfinal match against Rafael Nadal at the Italian Open, but maybe he can find some solace in earning Hot Shot honors for a no-look forehand flick that left Nadal flabbergasted.

Nadal earned a game point early in the third set and played some fantastic side-to-side defense that resulted in a perfectly placed drop shot that bounced behind Murray as he covered the net. It looked like a sure winner but instead of taking a stab at a volley, Murray tracked back and slapped a forehand passing shot with his back to the net. Even from three different camera angles, it's hard to tell how Murray hit this shot. Nadal didn't even make a move for it.

"I hit a very good [cross-court] drop shot and -- I don't know how he hit the ball," Nadal said laughing. "The ball was so far behind [him]. You don't expect a shot like this."

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