By bettemarston
May 25, 2014

The Daily Pain is your dose of the interesting reporting, writing and quipping from around the Internet during the French Open (otherwise known as the Daily Bagel).

• Video: A quick look at the French Open players' party at -- where else? -- the Eiffel Tower.

• Twenty-five years later, Michael Chang's back at the site of his singular Grand Slam victory. Christopher Clarey for The New York Times reflects on Chang's improbable title.

Yes, this is the anniversary of [Chang's] victory at 17 against sound logic and great odds; a victory that coincided with violence far away in Tiananmen Square; a victory he attributes to a potent brew of talent, toil, youthful insouciance and divine intervention.

“There were matches I just shouldn’t have won,” Chang said. “There were balls that should have gone out that didn’t. There was rain that had no business coming down. I mean, you can’t fathom how those things had happened. There was a purpose there, and there was a purpose for me being 17 and a purpose for me being Chinese and for the events that unfolded during that period of time. There was a reason it happened the way it did.”

• Revisiting the debate over best-of-three versus best-of-five sets for the men at Grand Slams. Tennis would lose some epic matches (John Isner vs. Nicolas Mahut in 2010 Wimbledon, anyone?) but would gain with regards to players' health.

• On that note, Kamakshi Tandon for ESPN looks at the players suffering from injuries (or who have recently suffered from injuries), and the list is longer than you may think.

• Turns out, Andy Murray is still consulting with Ivan Lendl.

• Tomas Berdych is rocking this shirt for the French Open this year. Flower power?

• Steve Tignor says that Venus Williams' experience helped to lift her over 17-year-old Belinda Bencic -- not her age.

•  Relive the game here with's live blog.

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