By Courtney Nguyen
May 26, 2014

The Daily Pain is your dose of the interesting reporting, writing and quipping from around the Internet during the French Open (otherwise known as the Daily Bagel).

• Video: Maria Sharapova and her team -- and is that Grigor Dimitrov? -- dancing to Pharrell's 'Happy.'

• Lending some appreciation to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who has been somewhat ignored ahead of his home Grand Slam.

So, do you remember that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga? The spirited Frenchman with the devastating power shots? The entertaining crowd-pleaser, who would literally throw himself down to reach balls and who leaps and bounds through his trademark dance after every victory?

Who comically chides himself in his mother tongue after a failed point, and acts out to the world how it all went wrong?

Who has the most infectious grin.

If you’ve not seen him for a while, you can forget how delightful Jo is. But the very sight of him is bound to bring a huge smile to your face. Nice guy, great game. And don’t ever underestimate that whopping serve, the perfect weapon to get him out of trouble when he’s down.

Perhaps the events of 2011 and 2012 are distant in our memories. Yes, the Big Four were dominating. But they had a new name: the Big Four and Tsonga. Remember that 2011 Wimbledon quarterfinal, in which Tsonga came from two sets down to defeat Federer? What phenomenal tennis that was! Man, how I was screaming! Never in my life could I cheer against Roger again, let alone like that. That’s how compelling Jo is.

• Christopher Clarey for The New York Times makes the argument that the American men haven't hit ROCK rock bottom (just look at the Swedes!), but when compared to history of U.S. tennis, it's pretty bad.

• On that note, Douglas Robson for USA TODAY Sports says don't expect much from the American men at this year's French Open.

• Looks like Caroline Wozniacki has a strong support group to help distract her from the fact that ex-fiance Rory McIlroy won the European PGA Championship this weekend.

• The ITF is trying to develop a device to measure court speed and ensure the courts are fair, especially for ITF events like Davis Cup and Fed Cup.

•  This cat

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