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June 07, 2014

Simona Halep and Maria Sharapova pose during the French Open trophy presentation. (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images0 Simona Halep and Maria Sharapova pose during the French Open trophy presentation. (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images0

PARIS -- The French Open women's final was one for the ages, as Maria Sharapova defeated Simona Halep 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-4 to win her second French Open title. Halep rose to the occasion in her first Grand Slam final and didn't make it easy for Sharapova, but the Russian elevated her game to beat the Romanian in the first three-set final in the women's French Open final since 2001.

By reaching the French Open final, Halep will rise to No. 3 in the WTA rankings, and Sharapova will go up to No. 5.

Here are highlights, reactions, stats and more from Sharapova's victory.


Match highlights:

Sharapova's on-court interview immediately after winning:

Sharapova talks to the media (with her arms hugging her trophy):

Simona Halep addresses the media:

Photo of the match

Why yes, Maria, you did just win the French Open. (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) Why yes, Maria, you did just win the French Open. (Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Go figure

12:  Double faults by Sharapova.

64: Percentage of first serves in for BOTH Sharapova and Halep.

1978: The last year a Romanian won a Grand Slam. Also the last year a horse won the Triple Crown.

2001: The last time the women's French Open final went to three sets, when Jennifer Capriati defeated Kim Clijsters.

120: Total points won by Sharapova (to Halep's 107).

9: Out of 20 break points won by Sharapova. Halep won seven break points on 13 opportunities.

What they said

Sharapova on having two French Open titles after it took her so long to win her first: I'm with you on that one. I didn't actually ‑‑ I didn't think ‑‑ if somebody had told me that I'd win ‑‑ at some stage in my career that I'd have more Roland Garros titles than any other Grand Slam, I'd probably go get drunk (Laughter.) Or tell them to get drunk, one or the other.

Sharapova on watching Halep's final lob land out: Well, [if it fell in] I'd have to get up from my knees very fast and pretend like I did a fake fall (smiling.)  Yeah, I think it was wide by quite a bit, so I was correct on that one. But I think just everything kind of comes together.  There is not much time to think.  I think just let go of everything, because so much happened in the match and in those three hours.  When it's all over, it's just, like, Finally, it's over.  And in a good way.

Sharapova on her team members: They have just been so encouraging. I have been through a few different teams in my career, many different people, some coaches, physios, trainers. I have said this from I think the offseason I had never been more happy with the way that everyone has worked together. No matter the situation, no matter how tough it was ‑‑ (mobile phone interruption). Nice song. (Laughter.)

Sharapova on her relationship with her trophy: My relationship? It's cute, but I don't get to keep it actually. The one I get to keep is really like mini-me cutie patootie. Yeah, I wish I could keep the big version, but it's probably too expensive (laughter). I might have to steal it (smiling).

Halep on what she was doing with a towel over her head: Yes. I was crying at that moment for a few minutes, and then I was smiling because I said that it was my first Grand Slam final, and I have to be happy, to smile, because I did everything on court. I played very good tennis, very good level.  So I'm really proud about these two weeks. They were incredible weeks here and incredible tournament. I'm really happy, and it was an amazing feeling on court today.

Halep on match tactics: I think I had good tactics today.  I opened the angles.  Also, I was hitting the ball strong. But, yeah, she did what she's doing always, like to hit the balls very strong. The serve was really  she had a good kick, and it was difficult for me to return. Yeah, she was moving really well.  I think it was a good, very good match today, a good final. I didn't expect three sets, three hours, but it happened, and I'm really happy that I could stay very long time on court. The atmosphere was incredible. Of course, forever I will not forget this match.

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