By Courtney Nguyen
June 12, 2014

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• Video: The WTA's best selfie tips.

• Andy Murray reached out to Amelie Mauresmo via -- what else -- a text message.

I wanted someone in place before Wimbledon and didn’t want to have to start the process again, so suggested we try it for a couple of weeks over the grass, see how it goes, and then we have a few weeks after Wimbledon to decide whether we want to go on or not.

There’s a bit less pressure that way than her having to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a full-time role. You never know, she could have said ‘yes’ to the job permanently, only to find after a week of working together that we hated it!

At the same time, she could have said ‘no’ and three weeks later end up regretting it. A trial period just seemed like the right thing to do.

• Louisa Thomas for Grantland on Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal "suffering" their way to Paris titles.

• Peter Bodo for weighs in on Murresmo. So does Roger Federer.

• Sam Stosur called Marinko Matosevic pig-headed for his anti-women's tennis comments. Matosevic says he meant no harm.

• Stosur also fired down four aces in one game in Birmingham. What do we call that? A Golden Game?

• From FiveThirtyEight: What if Rafael Nadal never won a Grand Slam.

No matter how many times Nadal bites trophies, they don’t get broken up into pieces. But because this is a what-if exercise, these hypothetical titles come in fractions. If Nadal beats a player enough times, those fractional titles can start adding up. Nadal’s four wins in French Open finals over Federer, plus one semifinal ousting, count for two and one-quarter titles that Nadal has deprived Federer. Meanwhile, by beating Djokovic in two French Open finals, three semifinals and a quarterfinal, Nadal has cost him one and seven-eighths French Open titles.

In a non-Nadal world, Djokovic would have one more U.S. Open crown in addition to those one or two French Opens. Federer would have another Australian Open title, along with those two or three additional French Open titles. And David Ferrer would no longer be in the running for best player never to win a major, because he’d have lifted a French Open trophy.

• Laura Robson will be helping out the BBC during Wimbledon.

• Video: A documentary on Rafael Nadal by L'Equipe with English subtitles:

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