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During Sunday night's marquee showdown with the New England Patriots, the Indianapolis Colts ran a fake punt that very nearly destroyed the internet. It didn't take long for @Benstonium to find the football faux pas' video-game inspiration.

By The Cauldron
October 19, 2015

For most who witnessed it, Chuck Pagano's fake-punt call during the third quarter of Sunday's all-important showdown with the New England Patriots was exactly what it appeared to be: An insane football gambit borne out of insanity, desperation, or some unholy combination of the two.

There were a few, however, who were certain they'd seen this football faux pas before. Luckily, our very own @Benstonium was hot on the case. Like some eons-old crystal skull of playcalling failure, what he found will forever alter our sense of football reality.

With plays like this, it's no surprise the Colts were one of the worst teams in the Tecmo cannon. The only squad that was unobjectionably worse? You guessed it: the 1990-91 New England Patriots.

We all know Bill Belichick is a student-savant of the game. What we didn't know was how far into the football ether he was willing to wade in the service of preparation. No wonder the Pats look so unflinchingly prepared when Indy lined up in their bananas-right formation: Belichick probably cartridge-blew it into their heads months ago.

Good on ya, Pats.

Colts: Take a million laps.


(Video brilliance bought to you by @Benstonium.)

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