Frankie Rayder in the Adirondacks, Swimsuit 2004
Stewart Shining/SI
By Rebecca Shore
July 03, 2014

TOMORROW MARKS the 238th anniversary of the formation of our great country, but, as you surely are aware, 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of our Made in America shoot shot in the gorgeous Adirondacks (EAST COAST WHATTUP). Let's celebrate both these anniversaries at once since we happen to find them equally important (not really, but hyperbole is my thing). The shoot, entitled "Made in America," featured three American models—Carolyn Murphy (Florida), Frankie Rayder (Wisconsin) and Molly Sims (Kentucky)—and one ringer, Fernanda Motta (Brazil) frolicking in the summer camp capital of the world for photographer Stewart Shining. Check it out for some good American fun (with a touch of Brazil—but I doubt you're complaining).

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