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Texas A&M's Infinite Tucker's Dive Across the Finish Line Produced an Insane Timing Camera Photo

Tucker's Superman dive across the finish line defeated Texas A&M teammate Robert Grant. 

Texas A&M's Infinite Tucker pulled off one of the greatest victories of the college track season on Saturday at the SEC Championships in Fayetteville, Ark.

Tucker battled teammate Robert Grant for the lead throughout the 400-meter hurdles but the race ended in fantastic fashion with Tucker's dive across the finish line. His willingness to sacrifice his body likely resulted in some bruises, but it also gave us one of the most exciting hurdles finishes in recent memory. Props to Tucker for going full Superman. 

"Honestly, I just gave it my all," Tucker said after the race. "I felt like diving to the finish was like me using my whole body."

The junior's dive also generated a slate of thrilling images provided by FinishLynx timing cameras. The cameras captured the leap in full view, both live and in animated form. 

Tucker finished second in last year's 400-meter hurdle final at the SEC championship. His time of 49.38 from this weekend's victory is the third-best in the NCAA in 2019.