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How to Watch Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders: Live Stream, TV Channel, Start Time

The injury-riddled Ravens head to Las Vegas to play the Raiders in the first Monday Night Football game of the year.

With Lamar Jackson at quarterback, the Ravens can claim one of the most exciting offenses in the NFL (7th in PPG in 2020 with 29.3), but injuries could hamper them in their season opener Monday against the Raiders.

Baltimore totaled the seventh-most points in the league last year thanks in large part to their 27 passing touchdowns and 24 rushing touchdowns. But the team will have a number of players out of the lineup for Monday's game in Las Vegas.  

How to Watch:

Date: Sept. 13, 2021

Time: 8 p.m. ET


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Second-year running back J.K. Dobbins suffered a season-ending knee injury in the preseason. Then running backs Gus Edwards and Justice Hill, who were set to take over snaps in Dobbins' stead, both went down with season-ending injuries of their own.

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Final - Las Vegas 33, Baltimore 27 - Star Player: Darren Waller had 19 targets, 10 receptions, 105 yards, and a touchdown.

3:44 (OT, LV 27, BAL 27) - TOUCHDOWN! Derek Carr back-peddling threw a bomb to Zay Jones for a 31-yard touchdown to win the game!

4:31 (OT, LV 27, BAL 27) - SACK! FUMBLE! Lamar Jackson is sacked for a loss of six yards and coughs up the football on the way down. Raiders' Philon recovers the ball at the Baltimore 27-yard line.

6:13 (OT, LV 27, BAL 27) - INTERCEPTION! Ravens' Averett intercepted a Carr-tipped pass. The Ravens will take over at their own 25-yard line.

7:10 (OT, LV 27, BAL 27) - Derek Carr connects with Bryan Edwards to position the Raiders on the Baltimore 1-yard line.

8:30 (OT, LV 27, BAL 27) - Hunter Renfrow escapes tackles down the sideline for a 27-yard gain.

10:00 (OT, LV 27, BAL 27) - Touchback. Raiders will start at their own 25-yard line.

11:33 pm - The Raiders have won the coin toss and will receive the ball first in overtime.

End of Regulation - Las Vegas Raiders 27, Baltimore Ravens 27 - Going to Overtime!

0:02 (Q4, LV 27, BAL 27) - FIELD GOAL!  Dan Carlson connects on a monster 55-yard field goal to tie the game with two seconds left!

0:07 (Q4, LV 24, BAL 27) - The Raiders have done their best to give Dan Carlson a chance after two huge connections from Derek Carr to Bryan Edwards.

0:37 (Q4, LV 24, BAL 27) - FIELD GOAL! Justin Tucker connects on a 47-yard field goal to put the Ravens in the lead with less than a minute remaining in the game.

1:45 (Q4, LV 24, BAL 24) - Lamar Jackson takes off running for a 28-yard scramble. Their drive will continue at the Raiders 37-yard line.

2:00 (Q4, LV 24, BAL 24) - TWO MINUTE WARNING

3:49 (Q4, LV 24, BAL 24) - TOUCHDOWN! After a penalty threatened the drive, Derek Carr connects with tight end Darren Waller for a 10-yard touchdown. Dan Carlson made the extra point.

3:58 (Q4, LV 17, BAL 24) - Derek Carr connects with Henry Ruggs on a bomb down the field for 37 yards. They are set up inside the 10-yard line.

6:04 (Q4, LV 17, BAL 24) - TOUCHDOWN! Latavius Murray runs into the endzone from 8 yards out for a Ravens' touchdown. Justin Tucker makes the extra point.

6:20 (Q4, LV 17, BAL 17) - Lamar Jackson lets one fly for Sammy Watkins who reels it in for a 49-yard connection. Jackson sets his team up at the Raiders 8-yard line.

7:45 (Q4, LV 17, BAL 17) - Lamar Jackson connects with Marquise Brown for 5 yards for a first down. The Ravens are marching down the field.

9:18 (Q4, LV 17, BAL 17) - TOUCHDOWN! The Raiders capitalize on the Ravens' only turnover of the night with a Josh Jacobs 15-yard touchdown run! Dan Carlson made the extra point.

11:54 (Q4, LV 10, BAL 17) - FUMBLE! For the first turnover of the night, the Ravens' Lamar Jackson fumbles on a hit on a run. Perryman recovers and the Raiders take over on the Ravens 37 yard line.

13:23 (Q4, LV 10, BAL 17) - Cole punts the ball 37 yards to the Baltimore 19-yard line.

14:44 (Q4, LV 10, BAL 17) - SACK! Patrick Queen runs untouched to Derek Carr and sacks him for a 13-yard loss.

14:49 (Q4, LV 10, BAL 17) - Baltimore punts to the Las Vegas 34 yard line before it was returned 7 yards.

End of Third Quarter - Las Vegas 10, Baltimore 17 - Star Player Watch: Darren Waller has 6 receptions for 72 yards.

0:36 (Q3, LV 10, BAL 17) - SACK! Maxx Crosby gets to Lamar Jackson again on third down! After a first down, the Ravens drive is stalled and they let the time run out before they punt the ball.

3:20 (Q3, LV 10, BAL 17) - On 4th-and-1, the Raiders are not able to extend for the first down and turn the ball over to the Ravens on the Baltimore 13-yard line.

6:02 (Q3, LV 10, BAL 17) - After being pushed back to a first and 20, the Raiders still found a way to get a first down from Derek Carr to Darren Waller for 16 yards to the Baltimore 22-yard line.

7:09 (Q3, LV 10, BAL 17) - Pass interference called on Tavon Young of the Baltimore Ravens which turns out to be 32 yards.

8:29 (Q3, LV 10, BAL 17) - FIELD GOAL! Justin Tucker connects on a 40-yard field goal to extend the Ravens' lead to 7.

11:30 (Q3, LV 10, BAL 14) - After penalties pushing them back inside their five-yard line, the Raiders were forced to punt. A.J. Cole punted 64 yards and Devin Duvernay had another nice return for 32 yards setting the Ravens up in Raiders territory at the 36-yard line.

13:10 (Q3, LV 10, BAL 14) - Ravens' drive was stalled. Koch punts 49 yards to the Las Vegas 7-yard line where Derek Carr will take over for the first possession this half.

15:00 (Q3, LV 10, BAL 14) - Kickoff results in a touchback. Lamar Jackson and company start at their own 25-yard line.

Halftime - Las Vegas Raiders 10, Baltimore Ravens 14 - Star Player Watch: Ty'Son Williams has seven carries for 64 yards and a touchdown. The Ravens will receive the second-half kickoff.

0:03 (Q2, LV 10, BAL 14) - FIELD GOAL! After marching down the field and missing the endzone on multiple attempts, the Raiders settled for a field goal from Dan Carlson and went to the locker room.

1:09 (Q2, LV 7, BAL 14) - Las Vegas stuffs the Ravens on a 4th-and-1 run. They take over with just over a minute before the half on their own 36-yard line.

2:33 (Q2, LV 7, BAL 14) - Hollywood Brown and Ty'Son Williams both managed their way to first downs. The Ravens continue their drive Raiders' 45-yard line.

4:14 (Q2, LV 7, BAL 14) - TOUCHDOWN! After a pass interference call that put the ball on the 2-yard line, Josh Jacobs punches it home for the Raiders' first touchdown of the night. Dan Carlson makes the extra point.

5:35 (Q2, LV 0, BAL 14) - Derek Carr with a huge third-down conversion for 24 yards to Darren Waller down to the Baltimore 19-yard line.

8:52 (Q2, LV 0, BAL 14) - TOUCHDOWN! Lamar Jackson escapes all types of pressure to extend the play and fires a rocket to the endzone and hits Hollywood Brown for a touchdown. Tucker made the extra point.

10:57 (Q2, LV 0, BAL 7) - Lamar Jackson with a big throw down the sideline to Sammy Watkins for 29 yards down to the Raiders 14-yard line.

12:09 (Q2, LV 0, BAL 7) - SACK! McPhee sacks Carr for a 12-yard loss. The Raiders punt, the Ravens take over at their own 32-yard line after a recovered muffed reception.

14:16 (Q2, LV 0, BAL 7) - 2 plays into the second quarter, the Ravens are held on third down. Sam Koch punts the ball 42 yards to the Raiders' 35-yard line.

End of First Quarter - Las Vegas Raiders 0, Baltimore Ravens 7 - Star Player Watch: Ty'Son Williams has three rushes for 41 yards and a touchdown.

0:06 (Q1, LV 0, BAL 7) - The Raiders responded with a quick three and out. After a 67-yard punt from A.J. Cole and a 15-yard return from Devin Duvernay, the Randers take over against on their own 20-yard line.

1:47 (Q1, LV 0, BAL 7) - TOUCHDOWN! Baltimore Ravens' Ty'Son Williams breaks away for a 35-yard touchdown run. Justin Tucker makes the extra point.

4:03 (Q1, LV 0, BAL 0) - Jackson connects on a pass to Ty'Son Williams who takes it 21 yards for a first down to the Raiders' 44-yard line.

4:64 (Q1, LV 0, BAL 0) - After a Derek Carr pass that was inches from being intercepted on 3rd down, the Raiders punt the ball 59 yards to the Baltimore 35-yard line after an 18-yard return from Devin Duvernay.

6:45 (Q1, LV 0, BAL 0) - SACK! Maxx Crosby sacks Lamar Jackson on 3rd-and-13 for a six-yard loss. Koch punts the ball 447 yards to the Raiders' 21-yard line where they start their second drive of the night.

9:40 (Q1, LV 0, BAL 0) - On Baltimore's first play of scrimmage, Lamar Jackson breaks free for an 18 yard run to the Baltimore 29-yard line.

10:29 (Q1, LV 0, BAL 0) - After missed communication, the ball is snapped past Derek Carr and he just falls on it pushing them outside of field-goal range. A.J. Cole punts the ball 35 yards to the Baltimore 8-yard line. The Ravens will have 92 yards of the field in front of them on this drive.

11:45 (Q1, LV 0, BAL 0) - Backs against the wall on 3rd-and-1 again, Derek Carr completes a 13-yard pass to tight end, Darren Waller, to the Ravens' 21-yard line.

14:03 (Q1, LV 0, BAL 0) - On a 3rd-and-1 Marcus Mariota comes in the game for Carr and breaks off for a 31-yard run. The Raiders have a first down at the Ravens' 35-yard line.

Kickoff - Baltimore kicks off to the Raiders for a touchback. Las Vegas starts at the 25-yard line.

8:13 pm - Henry Ruggs is locked in.

8:11 pm - We are about 10 minutes away from kickoff here in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium.

8:00 pm - Suzy Kolber and Steve Young choose the Raiders to win while Randy Moss and Booger McFarland choose the Ravens to come away with the victory in a 2-2 split.

7:56 pm - Despite signing Latavius Murray earlier this week, Ty'Son Williams is lining up taking first-team snaps in warm-ups.

7:54 pm - Raiders inactive players include a potential healthy scratch for Clelin Ferrell.

7:46 pm - QB1 warming up

7:40 pm - Ravens Jimmy Smith is out for this game. According to Jeff Zrebiec, look out for Brandon Stephens to replace him.

7:27 pm - Teams are buckling down and getting ready for showtime!

7:15 pm - Raiders Josh Jacobs, who was feared to be questionable going into tonight,  officially listed as active. 

Tyson Williams, the next man up at running back for Baltimore, will get the start Monday with newly signed Latavius Murray backing him up.

The Raiders ranked 13th in the NFL in total touchdowns scored last year at 48. Over the offseason, Las Vegas added running back Kenyon Drake from the Arizona Cardinals.

Derek Carr and Darren Waller still make up one of the best quarterback-tight end connections in the NFL. Waller caught nine touchdowns and had 1,196 receiving yards last year.

Before the slew of injuries, Baltimore might have been the favorite against the Raiders, but the teams enter the season opener on more even footing. Will the Ravens be able to battle through their injuries for a Week 1 win?

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Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders

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