By Andy Gray
October 14, 2014

Week's Wackiest Photos

From this freaky looking horse to the perverted Freddie Falcon, here are the wackiest sports photos of the week.

The Louis Vuitton Punching Bag

Love fashion? Love boxing? Got an extra $175,000 to burn? If so, may I suggest purchasing the Louis Vuitton punching bag.

Today In Athlete Arrests

Cowboys running back Joseph Randle, who makes $495,000 base salary this season, was arrested Monday night for allegedly shoplifting underwear and cologne. To make matters worse, Randle was interviewed by 105.3 THE FAN in Dallas on Friday ​and discussed how he used to pride himself on dressing nice even when he had no money. Randle looks like a saint next to these Ball State football players who tipped their waitress in feces-covered money.

Lovely Lady Round-Up

Amberleigh West is a model who should be on your radar. Follow her on Twitter (click here for full-size gallery) ... The NFL's best cheerleaders from Week 6 ... Marissa Everhart is the Bikini Team Model of the Month ... The 35 hottest Stacy Keibler photos (for her 35th birthday).

Hot Clicks Giveaway

I give away many items on Hot Clicks but this is one of the better prizes I've had this year. The good people at were nice enough to give me five vouchers for $50 worth of merchandise from their website. I use the word "merchandise" because they sell much more than just posters.  I'll send one to the 20th, 40th, 60th, 80th and 100th person who emails me ( the name of the Browns tight end trying to date two divas from the WWE. I mentioned it in A.M. Hot Clicks. Please make the subject line ""

Update (7:41 p.m.): Contest is closed. Winners will be notified. Another giveaway on the way tomorrow.

Love These Oregon Throwback Uniforms

Americans Love Football

Source: Gallup


Vox has compiled 40 maps and charts that explain sports in America. As this one demonstrates, football still rules the roost among Americans.


The #BlameJameis hashtag continues to grow. Here are some of the better ones so far.

Odds & Ends

Brian Hoyer wants LeBron James to give up on the Cowboys and become a Browns fan ... Russell Westbrook doesn't know what memes are ... Really like these new Baylor basketball uniforms ... A recap of Monday Night Raw ...Flamin’ Hot Cheetos bagels are an actual thing ... This is how McDonald's hamburgers are made ... Apple and Facebook will now pay for employees to freeze their eggs ... Pizza Hut Korea now offers a surf ‘n’ turf, dessert-stuffed crust pizza ... This fan crammed every Johnny Depp role into a single costume ... Amy Poehler has a new book out, in which she discusses her use of cocaine, mushrooms and ecstasy.

Samantha Hoopes Swimsuit Outtakes

If you're new to this space, I am driving the Samantha Hoopes bandwagon as she's all kinds of awesome and a friend of Hot Clicks. This video is further evidence as to why.

Drum Battle of the Day

U.S. Marines vs. Republic of Korea

Future Star

I love everything about the kid in the background wearing the black shirt.

Worst Jeopardy Story Ever

Six people sent me this video of Dan Tran and his horrible Jeopardy story. I think he just got nervous and forgot his point, which is not a good look on national TV.

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