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Jan. 25, 2016

Boola Moola

The latest school to join the college sports gold rush? Yale

Aug. 17, 2015

The World Is Waiting

One year from the start of the 2016 Olympics, host Rio de Janeiro is pleased with its progress, but even as its scenic splendor and irrepressible spirit command attention, the city still has obstacles to overcome

June 29, 2015


Many Latino Millennials—especially those who are soccer fans—see themselves as bicultural. TV execs and marketers have taken notice.

April 13, 1992

Face Value

If Christian Laettner is Duke's poster boy, Bobby Hurley is its poster child, a Jersey City, N.J., kid with sunken eyes, bad teeth and a CYO ...

Nov. 09, 1981

MIDWEST division

Flipping the dial for some late-night TV last May, you may have caught the HOUSTON ROCKETS. Featuring a few Irish surnames—Malone, ...

July 28, 2008

The Redeem Team

After failing to win a major basketball competition in eight years, the U.S. has taken a new (and distinctly foreign) approach

May 08, 1989


If you still harbor doubts that Don (the Big Whistle) Nelson is the most innovative coach in the NBA, it's time you stash them in the closet with the ...

June 23, 1986

Say cheese, Wisconsin

Badger eights took both the men's and the women's collegiate titles

Feb. 23, 2015

Hail and Farewell

Five years ago, amid his sad decline, the coach's former players and assistants found a way to say to him what he had always told them: Thank you

Sept. 02, 2013

Dean Meminger 1948--2013

The fate of the urban athlete with promise usually gets depicted as a path with a fork in it—this way, basketball star; that way, casualty of the ...

Feb. 09, 1995

11 Grant Hill

WE KNOW that Grant Hill of the Detroit Pistons is a member of theelite, but exactly which one? As a commanding figure in three FinalFours, ...

Nov. 28, 1983


North Carolina Coach Dean Smith isn't a student of the ancient thinkers. "I'll take Kierkegaard or Martin Buber," he says. But when his team had ...

April 03, 1989


MIDWEST He grins like a cartoon character. He begins most of his sentences— and this may not have anything to do with his hailing from ...

Jan. 09, 1984

Bye-bye, pine brothers

Benny Anders and Braxton Clark quit Houston over a lack of light

June 04, 2012


The savagery and spectacle of prize-fighting a century ago are at the heart of an exhibit of works by American realist master George Bellows ...

Dec. 10, 2012

The Power Of Ten

Twenty-five years ago this month, as SI readers returned from the last of their holiday-shopping stations, a surprising issue of this magazine ...

July 06, 1992

A Dream Fulfilled

If you've heard the hypemeisters billing the U.S. Olympic basketball team as "the world's greatest pickup squad," it may have occurred to you ...

Sept. 05, 1984


The straw that stirs the drink at Auburn, Bo Jackson is a legend in Alabama and this season's hottest Heisman candidate.