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May 13, 1974

It Takes a Little Distance...

...and a certain amount of time to lend true enchantment to memories of what went into preparing an old-fashioned tennis court for play

Sep 18, 1972

Two men on a horse—but one at a time

Levi Strauss' 2nd Annual Ride and Tie Race brought out a strange entry list all ready and eager to chase $3,000 across 30 miles of California mountains in a new race straight out of the Old West

Feb 28, 1972


Their Majesties, canine and feline, held court in Madison Square Garden, where super dog and top cat were named this month in the Westminster and Empire shows, respectively.

Dec 08, 1969

Novelties and reform spark a rich finale

Challenging jump courses introduced by entertaining narration highlighted New York's National. A growing regard nationwide for the rules designed to protect an abused breed also distinguished a busy fall

Apr 15, 1968

The cocktail-class jump-off

An effort to stir up interest in one of the season's earliest shows led to some stern logistic problems and a stimulating 18-horse contest

Nov 25, 1968

Flight of an acrobatic Aussie

In a new setting and with a streamlined format to eliminate 2 a.m. classes, the 85th National was a joy, especially during the...

Nov 20, 1967

High times at the National

A suspended rider who fought back made as much news at the Garden as the horses who set new records in a lively and exciting show

Mar 24, 1969

Onward the feminine invasion

As the number of lady jockeys proliferates—winning jockeys, at that—a group of determined women takes over a major show ring