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Oct 31, 1983

It's Just a Matter of Time

As the preseason proved, Ralph Sampson won't be a dominating center overnight, but will he be one eventually? You bet he will

May 21, 1984

The Bucks got a fine-tuning

Milwaukee has not gone wrong since heeding coach Don Nelson's song

Dec 12, 1983

The Mavs Have Joined The Haves

NBA have-nots in their first three years, the Dallas Mavericks have made a leap to the top of the heap

May 23, 1983

Big Mo And Little Mo Need One Mo'

Moses Malone and Maurice Cheeks led the Philadelphia 76ers to a commanding 3-1 advantage in the NBA Eastern finals

Apr 30, 1984

For the 76ers, it was almost a Net loss

New Jersey ran off to a 2-1 lead over defending champ Philadelphia

Nov 28, 1983

Better Luck The Next Time, Celtics

Philadelphia's Andrew Toney shot down Boston and its latest case for the defense—Dennis Johnson

Feb 20, 1984

He's finally seen the light

Darryl Dawkins is fouling less and playing more, and that's a Net gain

Nov 07, 1983

Putting on the ritz in Indy

The Pacers formally tipped off their renewal with tuxedos—and a loss

Jun 18, 1984

They Took It Down To The Wire

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar lifted the Lakers to a 3-3 tie with Boston in the NBA finals

Jan 23, 1984

Bigger But Not Necessarily Better

Ralph Sampson sure is good, but he won't revolutionize the pro game

Oct 31, 1983

Blood, Sweat And Cheers

Slam dunks and fancy moves add glitter to the NBA scene, but it's hard work that wins the championships

May 28, 1984

They're hooking and cooking

The Lakers led Phoenix 3-1 and were one game away from the NBA finals

Jan 09, 1984

Storm cloud over a sitting Bull

Chicago won seven straight after popular Reggie Theus was benched

Jul 04, 1983

Sampson Opens To Mixed Reviews

In his first pro game Ralph Sampson had his good points—20—and bad

May 14, 1984

The Suns turned on the heat

Maurice Lucas's power helped lift Phoenix to a 3-1 lead over Utah

Dec 05, 1983

New floor show for Las Vegas

All bets were off when the Utah Jazz played their first game in Nevada

May 02, 1983

The Celtics' Fight for Survival

After a lackluster season and a slow start in the playoffs, Boston showed Atlanta some muscle

Feb 27, 1984

The Pistons are finally driving

One of the hottest new models out of Detroit is its basketball team

Nov 14, 1983

When Push Came To Shove In The NBA

With the regular referees locked out, pro basketball has taken on the appearance of height night at the fights

Jun 25, 1984

Green And White And Red All Over

The Boston Celtics, the team Red Auerbach built, beat the Los Angeles Lakers in the seventh game to capture Red's 15th world championship