Armen Keteyian

Armen Keteyian

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Feb 23, 1987


Prep star Sean Higgins chose UCLA but only, he says, because he was coerced

Jul 08, 1985

Riding The Wave of The Future

American surfing has finally found a hero in Tommy Curren, a kid from California who's making big waves on the international pro circuit

Nov 24, 1986

Chairman Of The Board

Tony Hawk, an 18-year-old aerialist from Southern California, is riding the crest of popularity as skateboarding once again enjoys a revival

Apr 27, 1987

Dark Clouds Over Sun Country

The biggest drug bust ever in pro sports implicated 11 present or former members of the Phoenix Suns

Mar 10, 1986

The Straight-Arrow Addict

Art Schlichter was once an All-America quarterback and a hot NFL prospect. Now he's a living example of the havoc that gambling can wreak

Mar 12, 1984

Say 'He's Out!' Not 'You're Out!' Or You're Out!

Joe Brinkman's school, where 90% of aspiring umps get the thumb, is one of only two routes to the pros