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Jul 29, 1968

Suckered by a rabbit punch

That's Dr. Fager, whose suicidal tendency to follow the hot pace of a decoy has now contributed to two defeats by his cooler rival, Damascus

Sep 15, 1969

Second Time for Vander Meer

He had pitched a no-hitter in Cincinnati four days before. Could he repeat the performance now in Ebbets Field?

Nov 11, 1968

I'd Rather Be Bo McMillin than Governor

That's what the governor of Kentucky himself said when 'effulgent' Bo and the Prayin' Colonels of Centre College got back to the bluegrass after beating the proudest school in the North

Dec 23, 1968

Ben-Hur Played the Rose Bowl

Football was a flop at the Tournament of Roses in 1902, so to save the day they got a livelier sport: Roman chariot racing