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Nov 07, 1983

Just The Perfect Couple

Ice dancers Torvill and Dean are nonpareil—on top of the Worlds and all but assured of Olympic gold

Nov 05, 1984

There's No Way To Put Darrell Down

Darrell Waltrip has won more races than any driver in the past decade, and he's not easing off

Dec 16, 1985

Seriously, Folks, It's A Wonderful Life

Hey, did you hear the one about Utah Jazz coach Frank Layden and Salt Lake City? It's a mutual admiration society, no kidding

Jun 13, 1983

The double Romanian twist

Coached by Bela Karolyi, Nadia's ex, top U.S. prospects are flourishing

Aug 20, 1984

Not At All Pretty, But Almost Perfect

With many of the world's finest wrestlers absent, the rough and tough U.S. had the right stuff

Feb 06, 1984

A Man Of Many Parts

Kerry Lynch, impressionist, drummer and double-duty skier, is a favorite to win the Nordic combined at Sarajevo

Jul 29, 1985

Behold, the 150 mph bicycle

Pedaling behind a pace car, John Howard streaked to an awesome land speed record

May 23, 1983

From A Vamp To A Veep

Her Ferrari will keep on rolling, bin Linda Vaughn, the good ol' Georgia girl who busted out to become a racetrack institution, will shift gears and start driving a desk next year

Jul 18, 1984

It's Up To You, Mary Lou

Little Mary Lou Retton has vaulted so high that she may well do what no U.S. woman gymnast has ever done, win an Olympic medal—perhaps even a gold

Feb 04, 1985

Guaranteed To Keep The Chin Up

The next AlbrightFlemingHamill may be Tiffany Chin, who at 17 is skating out of the wings toward the U.S. women's title

May 14, 1984

A Hunk Hits The Road

If you don't think life as a front man for a pizza chain can be beautiful, take a careful look at Indy-Car driver Danny Sullivan

Nov 19, 1984

It was streak or swim at Key West

George Morales kept his speed up to keep the water out in the worlds

Sep 03, 1984

Climbing Clear Up To The Heights

Greg LeMond, a Huck Finn with steel thighs, is the first American to pedal his way to the top ranks of European bike racing royalty

Feb 06, 1984

Wow! Power

A sure bet for Olympic gold is Scott Hamilton, the U.S. and world figure skating champion, who has a knockout program for Sarajevo