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Aug 26, 1974

Two can do the Crist Twist

A retired book editor from Texas has come up with a challenging new two-hand version of the game that is also a good deal of fun for one

Nov 08, 1971

A new empire is on the rise, but first an older one has to fall

Ira Corn's Aces will be playing to win at the Olympiad in June—and so will Italy's famous Blues

Mar 15, 1971

Staking a claim on one club

Precision is only one of several systems using a forcing one club, but its inventor will bet that his version—and his team—are best

Aug 05, 1974

New cards in the pack

The old Aces as well as a lot of kings were toppled in the Spingold, which produced four young winners who may end up facing the Blues

Jun 11, 1973

Sing no sad songs for the Blues

On a balmy Brazilian isle Italy's world-championship entry, which included three members of the fabled Blue Team, once again breezed to the title, leaving the hopes of the U.S.—and the rest of the world—at sea