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March 14, 1960

London bridge

During my life I have spent an incredible number of hours getting to bridge games—some of them, I admit, embarrassingly short—but last month I think I broke ...

Nov. 03, 1958

Meet my partner

Not long ago, about halfway through one of our less successful sessions, my most frequent and most favorite bridge partner chirped: "That's one hand we'll ...

Sept. 01, 1958

A double revelation

Sep 8, 2015 ... In the Summer National Tournament of the American Bridge Contract League, reported here last week, the semifinal match, in which the ...

Oct. 06, 1958

The small-club incident

I watched thishand played at the Cavendish Club," my good friend Sonny Moyse reports."I'd write it up for The Bridge World," continued the editor of thatjournal ...

Nov. 21, 1960

Hedging your losses

How much should you trust your partner? A classic example of two who didn't at all is the deal in which both partners rescued each other from doubled contracts,  ...

June 26, 1961

A fast 500

A few days before last month's Indianapolis 500-mile auto race, Rodger Ward, winner in 1959 and second in 1960, was visibly nervous. His trouble, however ...

June 06, 1960

A built-in cliffhanger

Reading Jack Olsen's enjoyable new book, The Mad World of Bridge (SI, May 23) , I ran across several famous bridge hands that perhaps should have found ...

May 06, 1963

Right rule, wrong play

Bridge players will go to a great deal of trouble to learn the variations of bidding systems and fancy coups, but all too few of them are willing to apply just a little ...

Jan. 15, 1962

Grand slam or bust

Next week bridge players in or near some 60 U.S. cities will begin competition in a unique tournament: they will play the first of seven weekly sessions of the ...

March 12, 1962

Even the experts goof

The pressure and long hours of tournaments often produce monumental gaffes by masters

Feb. 24, 1958

The Hand of Adversity

It's an ill blow that winds up doing good to no one. The bad bidder contributes unwittingly to the science of better play, and many a brilliant coup has been born of ...

May 04, 1959

Never trust a stranger

It is too bad that the late, deeply lamented Damon Runyon was not a bridge player, because it's a dead sure thing that some marvelous bridge stories would ...

Oct. 14, 1957


As a bridge player, the author contends, your main aim should be to get fun out of the game, which is a competitive sport. But he also has a cheerful—and ...

May 02, 1960

IMPs in the cards

When a bridge session suddenly explodes into a series of wild distributions, players say, "The devil has got into the cards." To beat the devil, tournaments like  ...

Nov. 09, 1959

He forgot to duck

This week's episode in "The Perils of the Bridge Table" might properly be termed a canard. Probably more people would recognize this word canard as meaning ...

July 31, 1961

The case for apartness

Since I am alifelong bachelor, let me make it plain that this is not a commentary on whatmatrimony does for or to a bridge partnership. It is merely a chronicle of ...

Dec. 23, 1957


Charles Goren offers 14 new problems—which should brighten your Christmas holiday and help you to be a better player in 1958.

Oct. 23, 1961

Winning with a loser

So great is the popularity of bridge tournaments in general and mixed pair events in particular, that the hotel lobby just before the opening is usually a scene of ...