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Sept. 06, 1965

Four Masters from Canada

While thousands of bridge players were breaking every kind of attendance record at the Summer Nationals in Chicago last month, four Canadians set a different ...

Oct. 12, 1964

Another lesson from a master

Now 80 and long retired from tournament play, Harold S. Vanderbilt, inventor of contract bridge, has written a new book on his theories

June 21, 1965

By the way, Italy won again

Italy trounced both Great Britain and Argentina but had a much more difficult time with the U.S. team, which went into the final 48 deals with a lead of five ...

Dec. 04, 1967

Detectives give a hand in a chase

With some help from private eyes, Barry Crane closes in on a title

April 29, 1974

A part score can be a big deal

The casual bridge player rarely gets excited over the result of a part-score deal, which is not entirely surprising. One would not expect a player's ...