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March 14, 1960

London bridge

During my life I have spent an incredible number of hours getting to bridge games—some of them, I admit, embarrassingly short—but last month I think I broke ...

Nov. 03, 1958

Meet my partner

Not long ago, about halfway through one of our less successful sessions, my most frequent and most favorite bridge partner chirped: "That's one hand we'll ...

Oct. 20, 1958

Showdown for kibitzers

Two great U.S. bridge teams—the Rothleins and the Fishbeins—must have it out for a crack at the world title

July 16, 1962

Maneuvering for Minneapolis

The world of tournament players is a continent-wide expanse of narrow enclaves linked by a most remarkably active grapevine. In recent weeks the grapevine ...

March 12, 1962

Even the experts goof

The pressure and long hours of tournaments often produce monumental gaffes by masters

May 04, 1959

Never trust a stranger

It is too bad that the late, deeply lamented Damon Runyon was not a bridge player, because it's a dead sure thing that some marvelous bridge stories would ...

Oct. 14, 1957


As a bridge player, the author contends, your main aim should be to get fun out of the game, which is a competitive sport. But he also has a cheerful—and ...

July 31, 1961

The case for apartness

Since I am alifelong bachelor, let me make it plain that this is not a commentary on whatmatrimony does for or to a bridge partnership. It is merely a chronicle of ...

Aug. 08, 1960

The baron takes command

Waldemar Von Zedtwitz, for more than three decades one of the foremost tournament players in the world, will not be playing on the New York team when it  ...

Aug. 05, 1974

New cards in the pack

The old Aces as well as a lot of kings were toppled in the Spingold, which produced four young winners who may end up facing the Blues

May 11, 1959

They play rough in Canada

The center of contract bridge interest next weekend shifts across our northern border to Montreal, and along with hundreds of fellow Americans I will take myself ...

Aug. 24, 1959

A good game of hearts

I have a good memory for faces—especially those on a deck of cards. But in the course of a few hundred thousand bridge tables, I must confess that I have ...

June 10, 1963

Out to beard the Blue

Five straight times the world bridge championship has been won by Italy's famed and fancy-bidding Blue Team. Now three teams, the U.S., France and ...

June 21, 1965

By the way, Italy won again

Italy trounced both Great Britain and Argentina but had a much more difficult time with the U.S. team, which went into the final 48 deals with a lead of five ...

March 19, 1962

Every cloud has a sooty lining

You will not find Murphy's Law in any bridge book; yet it certainly belongs there. Indeed, its omission is an oversight I plan to correct in my very next opus.

May 02, 1966

Old Mathe uses his old math

Five teams are playing in the World Contract Bridge Team Championship at St. Vincent, Italy this week, but only two are thought to have any real chance of ...

April 12, 1971

Six Aces are hard to beat

A runaway victory by the Dallas Aces in the finals of the Vanderbilt team championship, main event of the American Contract Bridge League's ...

Feb. 04, 1963

A tactic to foil a kangaroo

When a player leaps into a slam contract without trying a Blackwood four-no- trump bid to check on partner's aces it most likely means he has a void suit and ...