Chris Ballard

Chris Ballard

Senior Writer Chris Ballard arrived at SI in 2000. Since then he has: fact-checked SI legends (Gary Smith, Jack McCallum, and many others), written the ‘Point After’ column (about his dad when he can get away with it), covered the NBA and tested his editors’ patience by writing way long on everything from homing pigeons to Jake Plummer to Kobe Bryant to inspirational high school baseball teams. He’s the author of four books, a number of his stories have been anthologized in Best American Sports Writing and Best American Magazine Writing and a half dozen of his features have been optioned for films that will likely never get made. He lives in Berkeley, Calif., considers rec league basketball a necessity of life and enjoys a good IPA. You can follow him on Twitter at @SI_ChrisBallard or reach him at

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May 14, 2012

Glory Days

Imagine if someone wanted to write a book about the greatest—or worst—moment of your high school sports career

July 23, 2001

Naked Truth

You are televising the WNBA, and this is your problem: Despitehaving an All-Star forward who has dropped 46 points in a game(the Minnesota ...

Aug. 29, 2005

Suddenly, Silence

Days after Thomas Herrion led the 49ers in his college fight song, the big rookie offensive lineman was gone

Sept. 05, 2005

4 Tennessee TITANS

After 32 years and great success in the college game, new offensive coordinator Norm Chow is daring to make a difference in the NFL

Feb. 20, 2006

The Mortar Mav

Whatever holes streaking Dallas has--on the boards, offense or D--Josh Howard is there to fill them in

April 25, 2005

It's About Time!

AMONG THOSE assured of making their postseason debuts this weekend, the Mavericks' Erick Dampier (above) should be the happiest.

March 26, 2007

5 Kansas City Royals

MANAGER BUDDYBELL third season with Royals DAYTON MOORE is aslim, unassuming man with a strong handshake and, it's clear, ...

May 22, 2006

The View From Here

Not since the Golden Age of Michael has a postseason had so many tasty subplots; three SI writers check in with their favorite storylines, starting with a celebration of the game's best starting five

May 23, 2005

More Fun With The Suns

The wizardry of Phoenix point guard Steve Nash and the Mavericks' crafty efforts to thwart him have made for an exhilarating playoff series

Nov. 11, 2013


ABOUT A MONTH ago I got the phone call from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED's NFL editor, Adam Duerson. "Can you go to Seattle? I need a 12th ...

Feb. 19, 2001

Wells Spring Third-year guard Bonzi Wells has added pep to Portland

It takes only one glance at the court to see fun isn't high onthe Trail Blazers' agenda. There's Rasheed Wallace, grimacing asif he just chugged ...

Dec. 17, 2001

Bad Behavior In a nod to the old days, tight teamwork and rugged defense have the Pistons pumping again

Around 11 p.m. on Dec. 5, nearly two hours after the DetroitPistons had finished off the Seattle Supersonics 95-91, thearena bar in the belly of ...

Nov. 25, 2002

12 UConn The Huskies have the talent to recapture their past glory. The big question is, Do they have the fire?

It seems as if the only person involved with UConn basketball who isn't excited about the potential of Ben Gordon is Gordon. Everyone ...

Feb. 10, 2003

Lining Up for LeBron For the down-and-out, the upside of failure is a slightly better chance of snagging the No. 1 pick

Last month a Toronto Sun columnist declared that "the Raptors need to lose, lose early and lose often." Too many wins and Toronto would have ...