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Nov 07, 1983

The next stop: Outer Space

China won the title, the U.S.S.R. had the star

May 20, 1985


Was the chest pain the author felt while running a sign of serious heart trouble? Trying to find the answer cost him many sleepless nights—and $8,983

Oct 10, 1983

On Target For The Games

He may not look like an athlete, but archer Rick McKinney is a good bet for Olympic gold

Jul 11, 1983

Big Designs On The Big Apple

Julie Ridge, Broadway actress and Channel swimmer, plans to make her next splash by swimming all around the town—twice

Jun 18, 1984

She's Set Her Sights On L.A.

Dara Torres, the world's best in the 50 freestyle, is stretching to make the U.S. Olympic team in the 100

Aug 19, 1985

All Spruced Up For A Big Vegas Bash

Hector (Macho) Camacho's attire was as flashy as his fists when he beat José Ramírez for the WBC lightweight championship

Jun 24, 1985

Fast to the very last gasp

Harvard's crew stormed from behind to beat Princeton at the nationals

Oct 10, 1983

Gall, Divided Into Three Parts

One must be bold indeed to even try the triathlon's killer mix of swimming, cycling and running

Aug 01, 1983

This fellow really gets around town

Harald Johnson circled Manhattan the hard way, ahead of 27 others

Oct 07, 1985

A New Wave Of California Dreamin'

Brad Gerlach surfed past the world champion, Australia's Tom Carroll, and won the Stubbies Pro in Oceanside

Jul 11, 1977


Until the Henley Regatta, Washington, Cornell and Harvard all could claim to be the U.S. rowing champion. The Huskies settled that by winning boldly on the Thames

Nov 20, 1978

On and on and on and on

Park Barrier Jr. ran 152 miles and 1,599 yards to win a 24-hour race and set a U.S. record, napped for two hours and as an encore ran a 50-miler the next day