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Dec. 22, 1980

A Reminder of What We Can Be

At a time when international tensions and domestic frustrations had dampened traditional American optimism, the underdog U.S. Olympic hockey team gave the entire nation a lift by defeating the world's top team, the Soviets, and ultimately winning the gold medal. Those youngsters did so by means of the old-fashioned American work ethic, which some people feared was disappearing from the land

Feb. 15, 1993

Gary Bettman

Ask new NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman his priorities for the early months of his five-year contract, which began Feb. 1, and he ticks them off ...

March 01, 2010


The U.S.'s Evan Lysacek upset ice skating's status quo—and Vladimir Putin—by jumping to the top of the podium without even attempting a ...

Nov. 01, 1993

Brian Boitano

When he discovered his first gray hairs, he named them. Now Brian Boitano only bothers naming the graying tufts. He's 10 pounds heavier than ...

Oct. 11, 1993

Brian Burke

If past is precedent, hockey fans better get used to hearing the name Brian Burke. When there's an ugly slashing incident, a vicious cheap shot ...

Sept. 19, 1994


The great ones all bear a mark of originality, but Bobby Orr's mark on hockey, too brief in the etching, may have been the most distinctive of any ...

Oct. 27, 1992


Skill, flair, fire in the belly—these are the traits I've looked for in the players on my alltime hockey Dream Team. No one said anything about ...

March 07, 2005

Unsafe at Home

Even as Venezuela enjoys huge success as a hotbed of major league talent, the country's crime wave has turned its beloved beisbol stars into prime targets

Feb. 21, 2000

Inside Olympic Sports

NO. 2 WITH A BULLETAt the nationals, runner-up Sasha Cohen, 15, augured a dazzlingfuture for U.S. skating In an election year there's ...

Sept. 08, 2005

Follow The Birdie

Little-known Jeong Jang of Korea withstood the pressure to win an Open. Sound familiar?

June 27, 1994

Friends to the End

Ultimate buddies. That's how friends described the relationship between Al Cowlings and O.J. Simpson, who played together on teams from ...

April 18, 1983

The blankety-blank Sabres

Montreal swore by its offense until Buffalo got two shutouts in the playoffs

Oct. 07, 1985

Everybody's Picking On Poor Joe

Joe Theismann's troubles mounted in a 45-10 loss to the Chicago Bears

Oct. 12, 1987


The NHL is such an easy target, I wish it weren't necessary to keep dumping on it. It's a good league in many respects. Most of the world's best ...

Dec. 12, 1983


It's a gray morning in mid-November, and the bus is moving along a highway somewhere on the outskirts of Buffalo, where the 1984 U.S. ...

March 07, 1983


I'd heard about the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament for years. Friends who had played in it had sounded like carnival ...

April 14, 1986

The Banger in the Bronx

In Only His Third Season, Don Mattingly Invites Comparison with Gehrig, DiMaggio and Other Yankee Stars of Yore

Feb. 20, 1984

Rude Awakening To Cold Reality

Last Friday night, after the U.S. hockey team had lost to Canada and Czechoslovakia, Phil Verchota and John Harrington were finishing a ...