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Feb. 04, 2008

Olympic Sports

On Thin IceFaced with slumping attendance and low TV ratings, U.S. skating is counting onyoung blood to give it new life MUCH OF ...

Nov. 27, 2006


Dominator III In his third turn with the Red Wings, Cup-hungry Dominik Hasek is not sniping or griping. He's just stopping the puck EIGHT ...

Feb. 20, 2006

Passing the Torch

Michelle Kwan's sudden exit makes the U.S. skating team better

Feb. 06, 2006

Her Time Has Come

Long touted as her sport's next queen, the dazzlingSasha Cohen has finally supplanted Michelle Kwan as the U.S.'s best skater

Oct. 04, 2004

After the Gold Rush

The ill will between two post-Athens tours signals a rift between USA Gymnastics and some of its biggest stars

Feb. 25, 1980


By E. M. Swift

For a few brief moments it seemed as if it would be a special day for U.S. ski jumping. It was clear and cold at the start of the 70-meter ...

Jan. 16, 2006

Eyes on the Prize

She might look like the girl next door, but don't be fooled: Multitalented Lindsey Jacobellis is a focused, ruthless competitor

April 06, 2009

King of the Ice

The U.S. will pin its 2010 skating hopes on a man

Oct. 07, 1985

Everybody's Picking On Poor Joe

Joe Theismann's troubles mounted in a 45-10 loss to the Chicago Bears

July 21, 1980

TRACY CAULKINS: "I could be over the hill in 1984."

"You never really cried, no. You never really broke down and cried," her mother said. Martha Caulkins is an art teacher in Nashville, and, one ...

March 07, 1988


Even though the effervescent performances of Elizabeth Manley and Midori Ito had stolen the show from Katarina Witt Saturday night, when the ...

March 08, 1993


Throughout the ballroom at Miami's Doral Resort and Country Club, foreheads begin to wrinkle. Appetites fade. Not a single face is creased ...

June 03, 2002

Feet First After a snowmobile mishap left him ravaged by frostbite and cost him a toe, Olympic heavyweight Rulon Gardner is taking his comeback one step at a time

Despite the fresh snow on the side of the road and the cold windwhipping through the cab, Rulon Gardner has removed the doors ofthe Jeep ...