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Feb 08, 2016

The Borrowers

For all the talk about Cam Newton's breaking the mold and reinventing the QB position, remember this: The Panthers' offense is built around plays that reflect Super Bowl winners dating all the way to the beginning

Aug 31, 2015

Here Are the Keys, Kid

It's going to be one wild ride for Jimmy Garoppolo. He isn't the first quarterback from Eastern Illinois playing for big stakes (Tony Romo), but there's a reason—a bunch of them—that Bill Belichick drafted him higher than he has any other QB since he came to New England

Sep 02, 2013

3 Atlanta FALCONS

The passing game is as balanced and well-oiled as they come, but the franchise needed to make a ground-breaking off-season move. Hello, Steven Jackson

Sep 02, 2013

4 Baltimore RAVENS

Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Paul Kruger, Anquan Boldin.... The champs bid adieu to a slew of Super Bowl contributors, but if you think they're crying about those losses, think again

Sep 02, 2013

16 Carolina PANTHERS

Cam Newton has the tools. Cam Newton has the numbers. Cam Newton just needs to get on the same page as his teammates in a make-or-break season

Sep 02, 2013

1 New England PATRIOTS

It's been an off-season of upheaval, but long before the tumult, the braintrust had identified the source of their offensive struggles in the postseason