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Mar 31, 2014

Welcome to The Cano Show

Signing a megadeal with a franchise fighting to stay relevant makes a slugger's job description a whole lot more complicated—especially when you're the first client of Jay Z's new sports agency. Robinson, the Mariners are now yours

Feb 09, 2015


The lead-up to Patriots-Seahawks defied logic (and maybe science). The game itself reversed the laws of probability (and maybe play-calling). But after an instant-classic win, this much can't be question: The place Tom Brady and the Pats hold in history.

Jul 21, 2014


Jan 19, 2015


He may be the least discussed of the Legion of Boom DBs—such is life when you're shutting down the deep regions beyond the TV cameras' view. But Seattle's heat-seeking free safety is the one you most ought to talk to

Oct 20, 2014


The Cowboys played last season with a train wreck of a defense, then did nothing about it. On paper they actually got worse. Who could have imagined this unit delivering Dallas to the top of the NFC? Start with the guy who can't stop winking

Apr 21, 2014

Back Up

Nov 24, 2014


How does an undersized, overly confrontational wideout survive 14 years in the NFL? He starts by following a plan that also describes his personal ethos

Apr 07, 2014

Life Sentences

Former North Carolina fullback Devon Ramsay got dragged down by the undertow of an academic scandal. He's still struggling to resurface

Mar 02, 2015


Every year NFL prospects, coaches, GMs and insiders descend upon Indianapolis, and what unfolds—on the field, at the podium, in the lobbies and the bars—is the foundation of a new season. Here are SI's eight biggest takeaways from the 2015 combine

Nov 17, 2014

The Case for ... Russell Wilson

For the next three weeks, The Case for ... will feature a Sportsman of the Year candidate. Find more nominees at