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Jack Cavanaugh

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Jul 25, 1994

A Well-Armed Senior Citizen

At age 74, Jim Tyler is getting batters out in Atlanta

Dec 30, 1991

The Elusive Gipper

Who was George Gipp of Notre Dame, and why does his legend live on when so many others have faded?

Apr 08, 1991

Railroad Crossing, Look Out for the Stars

Babe Ruth and the rest of the players of an earlier day spent an enormous amount of time on trains

Mar 23, 1992

The Celtics' Music Man

For one golden season Tony Lavelli charmed the NBA with a hook shot and a squeeze-box

Oct 07, 1991

Talk about Drooping the Ball

When catcher Mickey Owen did so in 1941, he made baseball history

Jul 17, 1972

Basketball, Betting and Borscht

Summer jobs in the Catskills developed some exotic talents in college players of the 1940s