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Aug 12, 1985

Friendly killer B's

Wade Boggs and George Brett are great pals and fierce AL rivals

Feb 18, 1985

The Key Man is Sharper

In his sixth NHL season, the Oilers' Wayne Gretzky is better than ever, but he still hasn't reached his best

Mar 03, 1986

The U.S. is on the fast track at last

Czech-born Miro Zajonc has raised hopes that this country will soon slide to the top

Dec 03, 1984

Surprise! These Kings Are Aces

After its most abysmal start ever, L.A. has made a regal comeback

Apr 08, 1985

Textbook engineering

Everybody worked overtime at the NCAAs, but RPI meshed the best

Nov 25, 1985

Will the Leafs ever turn?

Toronto has had bad seasons, but they're getting to be a habit

Oct 15, 1984


That's the novel direction in which the NHL may be headed now that Wayne Gretzky's slick Oilers are the Stanley Cup champions

Mar 11, 1985

Dog days no more in St. Louis

After three rocky years, the Blues are top dogs in the Norris race

Oct 14, 1985


What hath Mike Hitch, the pizza mogul who owns the Red Wings, wrought? For one thing, he has made some of his players rich. For another, he has stirred both hopes (among NHL players) and fears (among owners) that the walls of free agency may at last come tumbling down. None of which makes any difference to the Edmonton Oilers, who are primed to make off with another Stanley Cup championship.

Sep 05, 1984

8. SMU

Mar 04, 1985

The North Stars Are Going South

Minnesota made some noise in the Stanley Cup finals in 1981, but has slipped since then. Here's what happened along the way

Aug 05, 1985

Wild, Wet And Wondrous

The best water skiers in the land are Sammy and Camille Duvall, a brother and sister who slalomed to the top behind the horsepower of their dad

Jan 28, 1985

The oldest is Young

At 29, Pittsburgh's Warren Young is the senior rookie in the NHL

Dec 23, 1985

Slap Shot II: Brett Hull

The great Bobby's son is firing 'em like the old man on collegiate rinks in the Midwest

Apr 29, 1985

Housebreaker On The Loose

Hot-shooting Tim Kerr made the Islanders' end of the ice his own as the Flyers stormed to a 2-0 lead in the NHL playoffs

Dec 09, 1985

Was this deal necessary?

Winnipeg unloaded Dave Babych, and nobody can figure out why