Jack McCallum

Jack McCallum

Jack McCallum was a writer at Sports Illustrated for three decades, specializing in basketball coverage, and is still a Special Contributor. He lists his greatest achievements as winning the Basketball Hall of Fame's Curt Gowdy Award in 2005 and having the same telephone number for over 40 years. Some of his basketball books—including the New York Times best-seller Dream Team, Seven Seconds or Less, and Unfinished Business—are still in print and make great holiday gifts. He pontificates on Twitter at @McCallum12

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Jun 16, 2008

Road to Redemption

In a championship series in which many have much to prove, long-suffering Celtics star Paul Pierce did the most to rehab his image, leading his team to a pair of home wins over the favored Lakers

Feb 23, 2009

The Big Brutal

With its canny coaches, take-no-prisoners style and battle-tested stars, the Big East is the best—and toughest—conference in the land. Spend a week with Syracuse and see what it's like

Nov 21, 2011


Paterno's place in the record book is assured, but SI special contributor Jack McCallum says the dark final chapter ruined the story

Aug 11, 2014


SI staffers past and present share their most painful egg-on-the-face moments

Oct 27, 2008


The franchise player's doing just fine, but wins won't come sweeping down the plain

Sep 20, 2010

All Hail a King Without Bling

With his dazzling, team-first play at the world championships, Kevin Durant set a majestic standard

May 19, 2008

Kobe and the Bench Mob

A foursome of feisty (and variously coiffed) players who embrace their role as a backup act are the key to the Lakers' championship hopes

Dec 29, 2008

Hail, Hub Subs!

In the Celtics' stirring Finals comeback, a quartet of role players supplied the knife edge of victory

May 30, 2011

Too Much Information?

An ESPN opus raises questions about medium and messenger

Oct 27, 2008

7 PORTLAND Trail Blazers

The power forward who thrived with Oden out now gets to show what he can really do

Dec 21, 2009

Basketball Jones

Think NBA fans and the Web generation don't buy books? Think again

Jul 02, 2012

The Greatest Game Nobody Ever Saw

The toughest competition faced by the best team in basketball history was, in fact, its own: at a closed scrimmage in Monaco between sides led by Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, the details of which remained a secret for nearly 20 years

May 05, 2008

Down for The Count

San Antonio began its march toward a second straight title by pushing Phoenix to the brink and likely triggering the dismantling of the once-feared Suns juggernaut

Dec 08, 2008

An Athlete's Tale

Loretta Claiborne found an outlet in running and a voice speaking out for Special Olympics

Feb 21, 2011

A Utah Era Ends

Jerry Sloan's legacy? It goes far beyond just Malone and Stockton

Aug 18, 2008

Easy Does It

The most overrated job in sports? It might be Ryder Cup captain

Jun 01, 2009

The Ballad of Russ and Red

Exploring the ties that bound an NBA odd couple