Jack McCallum

Jack McCallum

Jack McCallum was a writer at Sports Illustrated for three decades, specializing in basketball coverage, and is still a Special Contributor. He lists his greatest achievements as winning the Basketball Hall of Fame's Curt Gowdy Award in 2005 and having the same telephone number for over 40 years. Some of his basketball books—including the New York Times best-seller Dream Team, Seven Seconds or Less, and Unfinished Business—are still in print and make great holiday gifts. He pontificates on Twitter at @McCallum12

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Sept. 05, 1983

With the Greatest of Ease

Nebraska displayed awesome offensive might as it opened the season by routing champion Penn State

Dec. 29, 2003

When Great Isn't Good Enough

Minnesota's Kevin Garnett, the highest-paid player in the NBA, must constantly fight off the image of the Star Who Hasn't Measured Up

Jan. 25, 1999

Indelible Impression

Images of Michael Jordan's sublimeness on the basketball will be forever stamped into Amerca's consciousness. An SI writer who covered Jordan for most of his NBA career remembers the greatest player in history as a joy to watch, a careful cultivator of his own image and, often, a down-to-earth guy

Aug. 03, 1992

Barcelona Dreamin'

The traveling superstar Caravan that is the United States men's basketball team rolled into Barcelona and immediately rewrote the Olympic ...

Jan. 16, 2006


Firing at a furious pace (and from all angles), Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson are facing off in a historic shootout for the NBA scoring title.

March 26, 2007

Waiting Game

Every player wants to be a starter--no one really wants to be known as a great sixth man. But with a super sixth, like Dallas's Jerry Stackhouse, sparking each of the league's top three teams, the role of top sub has been revitalized

June 09, 2008

The Rivalry

It's hard to believe that 21 years have passed since the Celtics and the Lakers last met in the NBA Finals—but easy to remember all their great games and bad blood

Sept. 05, 1984


When a team produces about $11 million worth of talent for the pros, including the Heisman and Outland Trophy winners, it's obviously ...

May 03, 1993

the NBA

LET THE GAMES BEGIN The Bulls will become the first team to win three straight titles since the '65-66 Celtics eight-peated. The Suns will win ...

June 28, 1993

They're History

In a truly memorable series the Bulls defeated the Suns for their third straight title and joined the NBA's elite

June 27, 2005

Hurly-burly Championship

With soul-patched Phil Jackson yammering about "reconciliation, redemption and reuniting" in the foreground and the threat of a lockout ...

Nov. 06, 1989


In addition to the pistons, which teams contain (contain being a relative term in this case) Michael Jordan? And which ones don't stop him at all ...

Oct. 25, 2004

3 Miami Heat

(Cue the violins!) Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

March 08, 1982

Punching and praying

Thomas Hearns stalks a rematch with Sugar Ray Leonard

June 30, 2008

Seems Like Old Times

Twenty-two years after their last NBA title the Celtics earned their 17th, as G.M. Danny Ainge reconnected the franchise (and this author) to a storied past of retired numbers, Hall of Famers and one-namers

May 02, 1983


Whom teams have joined together as roommates, no man shall put asunder—but sometimes it happens.

June 30, 1986

'The Cruelest Thing Ever'

Such was the reaction to the death of Len Bias, a Maryland All-America and Celtic-to-be. An autopsy showed that cocaine was involved in the tragedy

Jan. 23, 1984


Belligerent sneaker-company execs figure that the way to the heart of America is through the high-priced soles of pro and college basketball ...